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Of all the various techniques i’ve used to travel deeper into the Mythica, it is the Hawaiian ho’oponopono that has served me the most.  Within this magnificently simple technique has lain the seeds of transformation, the dissolution of the subconscious imprints that lay within the deep territories of the Self, causing changes in the circumstances of my Life.

Time and time again I have invoked this, gaining ever-greater clarity into the energetics of the spell, how and why it functions the way it does, while recording the proof of it’s functionality on my timeline, the Journey Home.

We never know what form the assistance from the Divine will appear in, only that we must pay attention as best we can when it does.  In my case, ho’oponopono first entered my field of awareness during “Zero Limits – The House of Human Clay” in 2011, in the form of a book written by self-help author Joe Vitale.  Since that time, I have used it extensively and repeatedly, to clear the imprints that were beneath the surface of my awareness, observing how the application affected my reality.  It was ho’oponopono that I used to clear away the detritus of relationship, the defilement of the Divine Masculine that occurred during “The Castle” in 2015, as well as the abuse of sacred sexuality and the assault upon my beloved during “Union of the Kingdoms” later that same year.

For reasons of Divine providence that are gradually becoming clear, ho’oponopono has been my “go-to” technique, moreso than the Law of Assumption or other forms of manifestation; the clearing of imprints taking precedence over the willful assertion of new forms, insisting the ho'oponopono 3revelation of the intrinsic pattern of my Path.  It is, without a doubt, the most commonly used technique in my arsenal of Change.

In the simplest of terms, and as it occurs for me, ho’oponopono is a technique of forgiveness.  Of returning the distorted vibrations of our manifestation to their natural wholeness and Grace.  In terms of our manifest reality, the implication is that the disharmonies and dysfunctions within our realm are the embodiment of defilements in the matrix of our Self.  Patterns out of alignment with our True nature.  Many times, we cannot perceive the root of these patterns, for they exist in the deep Self, the subconscious territory of our manifestation that lay beneath the Surface of awareness.  Yet when we clear using the technique, these distortions diminish, and our manifest reality changes.

In Dr. Vitale’s book, he mentions a very particular case, which illustrated ho’oponopono in action.  It was the story of Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len, a psychiatrist who used the technique to clear the mental illness of individuals in the hospital to which he was assigned.  What struck me was that Dr. Len did not directly engage with the patients.  Instead, he would open the files on the patients in his office, and work on himself, clearing his energetic reactions to the data through the technique.  According to the story, through his consistent service and application, the patients got better.

This was fascinating to me, for it showed a deeper octave of healing.  One that understood the intrinsic Truth, that there is no separation.  That when we encounter beings on our sacred Path, we are connected to them, connected to their suffering and their sanctity, and that by clearing our portion of the distortion, we cleared the space that we shared with them.  As well, this became an even more effective version of healing for me, because it cleared both the “other” and my own Self, simultaneously.  I wondered, could this technique clear the distortions in my own Life * and * help others in the process? The only way to find out was to test it.

As I had learned through my journeys deeper into the Mythica, all of our Stories are connected.  Whether beings possess the range of awareness to perceive it or no, their current circumstance is part of a much larger, shared matrix of many lifetimes, many bodies, many circumstances.  There is a reason why we encounter beings in synchronicity, why we have the relationships that we do, why the World is the way it is.  As I applied the ho’oponopono, I came to see this much more clearly.  I came to understand that the strongest, more effective way for me to clear my own field, to move into new and more abundant realities, was to take responsibility for ALL the events in my Life … including the suffering of others.

And, as I did this, as I did clearing on both my own imprints and those of the beings that appeared in my field, things changed.

Such was the proof, time and time again.

As a close to this article, let’s look at the basic application of ho’oponopono.  Remember that as we deepen our awareness, our technique grows stronger.  Deepening our awareness has a direct correlation to the perception of the subtle energies within the Self.  When we are aware of these things, our application is always more effective.

The basics of ho’oponopono are as follows:

    1. Recognize that You are responsible for cleaning up the imprints in your life.  They aren’t just “your” imprints.  They are part of the collective of all beings.  You are, however, responsible for clearing up your portion of the distortion.  Contemplate this.
    1. From a place of taking personal responsibility for distortions in your field, do your best to feel the energy of the Divine, which is larger than your individual Self.  As best as you can, feel the feeling of that Divine energy pouring through your body, washing you clean.
  1. Invoke the following phrases, deepening into the feeling associated with each.”I’m sorry” – This is the feeling-tone of atonement.  Of redemption.  Of taking responsibility and being willing to change.
    “Please forgive me” – At best, this is the feeling of simultaneously loving the Self and asking the Divine to forgive that which You are not aware of, the patterns and issues within the subconscious that are causing your circumstance.
    “Thank You” – A true feeling of gratefulness for the cleansing granted.
    “I Love You” – Simply put, feeling Love for the Divine, Love for the Self, Love for the experience.

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