How the Mythica Works

Welcome to a new form of Stories.  Where we tell tales not of fiction, but of the real yet subtle World of our own blossoming awareness, and the magickal World that waits to be seen.  A place of wonder and limitless potential I call, ‘the Mythica’.  The real mythical World.

As the creator of Into the Mythica, I was sent here with a mission.  A seemingly impossible task … to provide a means for unrealized, unenlightened beings to see the deeper octave of their own potential.  To remind them of the Truth – that we lived in a benevolent, supportive Universe, that each and every one of us was precious and unique, with our own Gift to the Creation waiting to be discovered inside of us.  I was tasked with creating a way of illuminating the process of being human as a journey towards Awakening.  A heroic adventure of unfoldment that was both unique and constant, that revealed the unity that underlie the illusion of our separation and revealed the harbingers of the new paradigm.

No easy task, yet one for which I was uniquely designed.  For fifteen years I labored, striving to find a way to clear the way within my own Self to allow the Idea of the Mythica to be born through me.  It was a huge effort, one integrally linked into the ideas of enlightenment, of self-empowerment, yoga, manifestation, and the very nature of the Self, in which the Mythica ecosystem, a vast and ever-expanding portal to the real magickal World, is the result.


As an educational media designed to Awaken consciousness, the Mythica relates to certain principles, all related to the nature of the Heroic Journey, our sacred Path and Quest.  These are the Physics of the Quest, the Rules of the Road, the Atlas of Stories and the Timeline.


The Journey to Heaven on Earth

We are all on a heroic journey, across a landscape of consciousness.  The circumstances of our lives are a reflection of our current state-of-being, the kind of consciousness we are currently embodying.  In order to change those circumstances, we must change that consciousness.  In the context of our heroic journey, this is a movement across many realms, the various vibrational patterns that are our duty and privilege to redeem to manifest a better reality.

We live in an auspicious time, when many beings are working to transform their consciousness through any number of self-development techniques.  Regardless of the forms these techniques take, their is a singular constant beneath them all, which is our sacred Path.  Our journey of personal transformation.  In the Mythica, we showcase the nature of that journey, what the Path is, and the landscape upon which that Path travels.



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