Illustrating the Surface & the Mythica

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As a teaching Story, the tales from the Mythica are designed to show the principles of the Academy in action, framing the octaves of awareness and their relationship to the manifestation of a more heavenly Earth. Through these, we’re showing the mythopoetic landscape of the Mythica, the theography of our unfoldment, as the manifest illustration of our totems, aspects, the entire landscape of symbols and correlations that define our divination of our own rainbow road.

The concept is that the Surface plane and the Subtle realms of the Mythica are different levels of perception of the energies which make up one’s Path, and subsequently (in alignment with the physics of the quest), the nature of their currenet avatar and it’s purpose in the Great Story.

Through the illustrations, we show the Reader both the surface perception of reality and the infinite variety of subtle landscapes, presenting a visualization of the very real impressions present within the substance of the Akasha. Revealing the deeper octave through Story.

The concepts which are demonstrated here are shown in the Academy – The Surface & the Subtle

This is a constant concept, moving through the hyperglyphic languaging of the Mythica, in which we’re always reminding the Reader that there is a deeper, more subtle and robust aspect to their experience. An archetypical realm of symbols and divinations which act as a feedback loop to the myth of their unfolding life.

This is the basic concept of the Surface & Subtle sliders, which showcase the Path as-she-appears on the surface of awareness, and then how-she-appears in the subtle and mythopoetic level of awareness, in which we are feeling the actual vibrational qualities that are subtle-yet-present in our circumstance.

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