Asanas of Casting

In The Mystic Artsby Yeshua Lucis

In regards to the Lens of Self, we are made of a canvas of textural qualities of energies. The alchemy of these energies in various combinations and configurations give rise to different effects in the substance of the Self, playing out as our subtle asana. In this way, all actions are seen as beget from this primal place of casting, resulting in all possible spells.

Yogas are always changing. The Yogas of Now are different than the Yogas of yesterday. As we learn to listen to shakti, to form, we are informed on the nuances of the shifting canvas of tones that we are made of, and by referring to our Inner Compass we learn to discern how this relates to our manifest reality.

Say, for example, I am writing this upon waking for I was given this insight in a dream…the appropriate vessel to deliver the information in a way that I could receive, in the perfection of the unfoldment, which plays out in accordance with the Seed Within I am fulfilling.

Because I am in this particular Alchemy of Self I am able to cast this particular spell, which results in this article. If I am in a different Alchemy, it results in a completely different article. This idea wouldn’t even occur for me. The understanding of this is central to making our way across the Rainbow Road, by understanding that the firmament of all worlds and spells are made of the substance of the self in different Alchemies.

In the dream, I was with Peter Fae as he described to me this. I saw how I could combine the understanding of drawing on the deva with that of the Subtle Asanas, that we are drawing on different textural qualities while holding certain attitudes of consciousness to shift our inner alchemy.

This is then related to plant medicines, when we intake them we are shifting our Alchemy, or doing an invocation, same thing. All practices then become an interface with our Alchemy, and as we learn to listen to shakti, to form, we then develop an authentic witnessing of the different effects of blending the vibrational tones together into a unique gestalt.

In this way, we can combine different techniques and medicines dependent on the guidance we receive from our Inner Compass. This plays out as a dance of subtle asanas resulting in the unique Alchemy we come to embody.

When we are made of a certain Alchemy, we have access, there is expansion, grace and wonder, vitality, wealth and wholeness. This plays out as both our inner and outer circumstance, for we live in the reflection of our Alchemy of substance manifest. This one of the purposes of the Akasha Yoga, to discern what the realm we want to get to, discern its vibrational signature, and then shift our Alchemy of substance to be in accordance with its signature. By doing so we walk the Rainbow Road through the realms.

A perfection of inner Alchemy is to set your sights for Heaven on Earth, and then shift the vibrational substance that you are made of to be in accordance with its signature, walking the many realms of the Rainbow Road to get there.

This is a very ‘masculine’ way of looking at the magick. From another vantage, there are things that are beyond our willfulness, that are relative to the unfoldment of God’s Plan. In this way there becomes a wielding of the application of technique, and the surrender to and trust in the perfection of the unfoldment as it is. This can be difficult because we do pass through realms that are not pleasing to us, yet we can not willfully shift them in the moment, either because we do not have that attainment, or because we were not ordained to have the idea to even remember to apply a technique.

It is a thing that requires self-love and acceptance, which seen from this vantage, are subtle asanas within the Alchemy of the Self. When we cannot willfully shift things, and become dismayed with what is, we then come to apply any number of modifiers to shift our relationship towards what is. For an ideal technique currently is to maintain the vibrational state, the subtle asana, that is in alignment with Abundance, that is alkaline and trusting.

If we hold frustration and depression, it blocks our access to the Grace. Yet, we all go through it. We all have subconscious patterns, that bock our fullness of access. They play out in our manifestation. These are held as vibrational textures within the body and are the aim of the many techniques of clearing. We must apply discipline in order to clear them and transform our alchemy, yet what determines when we are given access to the idea that leads to us doing the proper techniques?

There is a vantage that allows us to see that the manifestation of our current Alchemy is our responsibility, yet God’s Plan is bigger than us. Down to the minutia of when ideas occur for us, or when we are given insight into a particular technique, is all relative to divine timing. In this way, we come to have vantage on the deeper Weaving and Wielding.

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