Inquiry into Magic

There are many dimensions to life.
When i was living as an artist in New York city I had a revelation. A recognition that what we did as creative beings was show our viewpoint. Show our unique and nuanced perception of the jewel of Creation. As such, my journey into the Mythica is my way of describing the archetypical process of the quest of self-realization itself, my way of illustrating what I have come to call the realms of that journey, my way of sharing a window into the worlds beneath the world. Of showing the landscapes of legend that lay beneath all karmic journeys.
To show that viewpoint properly, i’ve divined the shape of the Mythica over the years, the sculpture of ethers that forms the basis of the intention. It’s been a constant process, a constant looking and listening, of acting and creating what I could when I could across an endless movement through the realms of the subtle world. It has been a journey into magic, into the healing of my portion of the collective distortion that has defined this Age, an inquiry into the nature of what it means to BE and BECOME on the timeline of one’s incarnate life. One that required the upmost devotion and dedication, attention paid to the aspects of the subtle world to which I could pay attention and coming to inquire into the nature of magic. Of manifestation, manner and miracles.
In short, it’s been a yoga. A gradual gnosis from the gaze of ‘Peter Fae’, a droplet of a viewpoint amongst the ocean of consciousness itself coming to realize the nature of itself. Such is how I have come to view the Quest and the platform of the Mythica, a means by which I may use my story to reveal the landscape of the subtle world as I have come to know her, doing my portion of what many magicians call “The Great Work”, the shared effort to transform the leaden conditions of our consciousness to their brighter and fuller potential, changing the world through changing our selves.
For me, this is an inquiry into the nature of divination and manifestation. Into the nature of Nature … the nature of inspiration and perspiration, the idea and the effort required to birth it into the worlds. Like I said … a yoga. Yet a yoga of a particular shape, a particular color. One wrought from the very particular impressions that make up the shape of the waters of this Age.
I find a certain terrible beauty in this, in the necessary integration of the tidal wave of sensations which define human existence. Of the necessity of mastering one’s self and it’s karmic compulsions, on a journey from the basic ignorance of compulsions themselves to the gradually realization of what liberation is liberation from.
In this I have always had a wondering, for my very path into the magic has been defined by it’s peculiar nature. While I am clearly on a path of yogic clarity, that wisdom has been marked by a deep difficulty, the privilege and burden of learning the nature of nature from Nature.
I feel a humility here. For all of my earned knowings, I have always felt a terrible, intrinsic imbalance in my form. An imbalance which created the very impetus for my journey through the realms of the Mythica and the subsequent understanding of the karmic landscapes that transcend our current horizon.
I inquire into this. Into the shape of my own presentation, my own voice as a mystical artist. Into the line where I feel confident in presenting what I have come to know about the world and the line where I know that I know very little or nothing at all. It is a constant inquiry into inner standard, to the line where I consider myself authentic as a writer. To the effort of excellence that feels true.
In such context, there are many things I can teach, for I Know them. I have Earned Them on the Quest. They are tried and true, proven by observation and realization to the point where I feel noble in presenting them to the world. Yet for all of this, the rarified vantage on the Akasha which defines my authorship, for as much as I know, there is so much I do not. There are answers … and there are questions. As my ongoing inquiry into the nature of magic, of manifestation and the karmic mythos which define our stories continues, my divination into the nature of the mystic arts moves forward. With every new day, I discover something new. Some quality of Life, some quality of mysticism that had lain outside my purview. I see where I had been mistaken, and where my intuitions ring true. It is a process. A constant listening to what is happened Now.
Such is the shape of my effort to reveal both what I have learned about the mystical world and what I am only just coming to see. In the presentation of my authentic journey into magic It is this line, the presentation of both assertion and humility, that I strive to walk.

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