Into the Mythica - The Journey Home

NOTE - This is the online novel, 'Into the Mythica', which describes Peter Fae's journey deeper into the real magickal World, and is connected to all aspects of the site.

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Building the Mythica 

The Mythica was meant to serve more than this.  To truly show the people that they were part of something greater.  Something larger.

Yet how could I prove this? I could see, in the planes beneath, the connecting resonances, the lines of force and flow that defined us as characters in the Great Story.  Yet to see such a thing was an attainment in itself, one that required the most accurate of yogas to even conceive. ........

2002 - The Call to Adventure

The portal to the Mythica opens for me in the great City of York, as I travel the realms of Story for a group of noble artisans I call, "The Fairytale brigade" .....

2006 - Academy Year III

It was at the Academy that I first felt the nature of the conduit of awareness.  Weekly, we would have gatherings, an open time when the people arrived.  We were never sure who was going to show up, such was considered part of the divination and receipt of who required our resonance.  As a practice, the edicts of the Academy were to witness the unfoldment, to see where Spirit led beings to sit.

As I began to facilitate more rituals, I watched the energies, the sense of the tarot and the archetypical elements in their manifestation continuing to blossom.

During one particular ritual, a sense opened within me.  As the people sat down, each invoking the element associated with their seat at the circle, I could feel the energies moving through the conduit of my awareness! That the very act of being aware of a thing allowed it’s passage through the substance of the consciousness.

This was a huge discovery.  Reality-shifting.  The energy had grown stronger, simply because I was aware of it.  It wasn’t a matter of pushing or pulling on the consciousness, but rather an opening, a sense of the space that lay between things, giving them egress between each other through the very awareness of that space.

Soon after I acted to test the theory, that if I held multiple beings in the field of my awareness, would the connectivity increase? Seeking a place to work the spell, I was led to the nearby towne of Truckee, there to come upon a pair of singer-songwriters in one of the pubs along the streetside.

As I entered, I saw a pair of women onstage, singing together.  Beneath the surface, I could feel the textures between them, a sense of radiance that was shared in the space between.

I opened my awareness, feeling the effort of creating a nimbus horizon  that held the two of them in it’s halo.

Immediately I could feel the difference.  The light expanded between them.  All of a sudden, slight tremors in the rhythm, in their effort to cast a lyric while playing the strings, cleared.  I watched as blobs of gravity, a play of subtle lights, moved between them, arcing like quiet lightning.  Awareness was the bridge.  The medium of transmission.  The conduit for the flow of awareness.

Such was great beauty.  Part of the subtle progression that would eventually lead to the revelation of Heaven on Earth.

2007 - The Northern Star

I could feel it.  A longing.  A need for a companion.  A familiar, to walk with me on the path.


2013 - Faerie King

Lord Jordan contacts me about a gathering being held at Oberon’s Tavern.  Apparently, they want all the fae incarnates to show up for a reality television show.  Of course I tell him i’ll come.


I take the route through the Mythica to the tavern, finding my way to the trail so often hiked with North, tasting the lines of ley moving across the mountainscape.  As I walk barefoot through the woods, I invoke my connection with the Goddess, feeling the aina moving up through my legs, changing the textures of my shape.

2015 - The Castle

I did not enjoy this.  To be awash in the defilements of the round table, participant in the distortions of the Age.  Yet as it was unfolding, I held to the practice, taking responsibility for my portion of the distortion, such that we all may be healed.

I was during this time I came to see my great admiration for my brother King, the sense of the perfection that lay beneath the circumstance, come into question.  Where I would see the same defilements repeating.  Here, applying the ho’oponopono, I navigated through the situation, finding peace by facing the inner challenge of my reactions and response.