Introduction to the Mythica

Welcome, to a whole new World of telling Stories.  A way of showing both our individual heroic journeys across the real World of magick and the much larger, Great Story of which we are all a part.

Peter Fae

I’m Peter Fae.  The architect and first Author of Into the Mythica.  I was blessed to study the yogas of magick for many years, receiving a vision from the Divine to track my own journey through the clearing of my consciousness and the awakening to my highest self as a model for others.

This story, that of transforming one’s circumstance over fifteen years, became the model for Mythica publishing, an ever-expanding community of Authors documenting their own journey to the realms of Abundance and Grace.


Yeshua Lucis

I’m Peter Fae.  The architect of Into the Mythica.

I was blessed to study the yogas of magick at a mystery school for many years.  There, I focused on the arts of divination, combining them with the idea of the heroic journey.

In service to this idea, I tracked my journey for fifteen years, discovering the nature of the real magical World while doing the inner work to transform my reality.
Along the way, I discovered the landscape of the real magical World and the avatars that populated her landscape.  Yet to show that to the people of the World was a great challenge.

Learn the Arts of Magick
The Great Story

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