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Locus Points

Peter Fae July 5, 2020

Locus Points – The Map of the Multiverse

“The Locus of your Focus is what gives you Hocus Pocus”

All realities exist at some point in space, time, and the depth of one’s relationship to the Creation, manifesting as a set of conditions around the prism of one’s current lens of self.

This set of conditions is known as a locus point, a coordinate relative to the infinite variety of potential conditions within the manifestation of the Akasha/World Tree. This is not a small concept, but the very basis for ALL realities, which are defined as the arrangement of conditions a locus point.

This is deeply important to understand in terms of your sacred Quest. Whatever your current reality manifests as is a locus point. A position within Time, Space, and the Octave of your being. To travel to a new reality is to move from one locus point to another.

How this relates to your sacred Path to a new reality

Most beings want to shift the conditions of their lives. To transform their circumstance from one set of conditions to another. When we do the yogas of change and personal alchemy, we change the qualities and quantities of the primal elements that make up our current self, which in turn changes the mass and thus the gravity, which produces a new halo of manifestation. This change in conditions is a shift in one’s locus point. One’s coordinate position within the multiverse of all potential realities within the manifest akasha of the World Tree.

The Gravity of the Situation

Witnessed at the most subtle level of perception before the dissolution back into the formless, form, which exists in the material plane, has mass. And that mass has a gravity which affects the substance of the Akasha that surrounds it, bending the potential of that canvas to it’s gravitational pull.

From this perspective, the mass of having consciousness in the form of a self, also known as having having a physical form made of the prime elements, has gravity. And that gravity exerts an effect on the akasha that surrounds it, essentially bending the formlessness into a temporary configuration of the five prime elements (Earth, Air, Fire, Water, and Akasha). Seen in this way, the light of awareness pours through the self, whose gravity causes it to live in the exactitude of it’s own current substance. Such is the basis for the idea that we “live in the hologram of our own consciousness”, seen at depth.

This assemblage of the primal elements is both what forms the definition of our current self *and* the circumstances of it’s manifest reality, defined as ‘conditions’ around the locus point, or gravity point, of our current state of being. This is the basis for understanding the nature of all potential realities. We literally live within the reflection of our own substance of consciousness.

This configuration of form is a locus point, which exists within a set of conditions generated by the mass of itself. Locus points are the coordinates of the multiverse, which, seen from a unified field perspective, is the UNI-verse experienced at a multitude of positions. They are the organizational point of one’s current reality.

All realities are coordinates within the Akasha, manifest through the World Tree of the material plane.

Understanding this is key, for it is the clay from which the many realms we may travel to in the Mythica are made. When considering the Akasha as the space in which things happen, different realities are understood to exist at specific coordinates within that space, known as locus points (as in, “locus points in the Akasha”).

This is analogous to moving through a wormhole of positions, in which each potential node is connected to an endless series of timelines covering through the various conditions of space, time and depth of being. If we use the animation above as an example, the various points of light would be the locus points, whereas the actual movement between those points would be the rainbow bridge, a movement between one’s potential realities within the Akasha/World Tree.

Yet while ALL potential realities exist within the spacetime of the Akasha, the current physical reality, that which we are experiencing on our human journey, the reflection of that ‘Heaven’ in the material plane of Earth, is known as the World Tree.

This is the understanding that we may travel to many imaginative and etheric realms, all of which are locus points within the Akasha, yet the version of those realms we travel to in the physical plane, in the ‘world’ is the World Tree.This relates directly to the concept of the rainbow bridge, which in the context of the Mythica is action of traveling between locus points within the World Tree of the Akasha.

Moving between points in the Space of the Akasha

In this context, our personal rainbow bridge, which is formed from the substance of our elemental configuration, is a journey through locus points in the akasha. When we understand that ALL things are the Self in various loci of conditions, we see that by changing the energies within the self, we change our reality. We shift between sets of conditions, all of which arrange around the central axis of our current mass of self and the gravity of it’s manifestation.