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Realms – Basic

Peter Fae June 20, 2020

In this lesson, we’ll be talking about the nature of the territories of the mystical world and how they define the landscape of one’s sacred Path.

All Quests require a landscape.  A place upon which our Paths tread.  Key to understanding the real magickal World and our journey to the New Paradigm is the landscape of the Underlands.The heroic landscape always exists.  We are always moving through the realms, across the rainbow bridge from one locus of being to another.  Moving through it’s territories is the act of psychoemotional development that defines our Story and is the basis for all the Worlds and treatments of Story we read in media.

Consider any movie or book you have read.  There is always a protagonist, often living in some fantastical Universe, in which they go on the classic heroic journey.  While they may face all manner of challenges ranging from managing the seeming mundanity of a household argument to the equally seeming majesty of an intergalactic space opera, the outer form of their circumstance is simply the manifest expression of an inner journey, in which they experience the psycho-emotional development of their Character along the timeline of their circumstance.  These inner patterns form the vibrational topography of that which lay ‘underneath’ the surface of our perception.  They are the Underlands.  The heroic landscape upon which our paths walk.