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Realms of Heaven on Earth

Peter Fae January 5, 2021

As we make our journey along the threads of the web of life, there is the idea that we can live in a brighter, more heavenly version of our reality.  That we can live closer to the unity and grace that is our true birthright.  That we can live connected to the planet and to each other, existing in sustainable and thriving communities formed on the currency of Love.  For many adventurers, this is the journey to Heaven on Earth.  It is a quest to return to the Garden, to the pristinity of self and it’s relationship to the natural world, bringing forth the health, wholeness and thriving abundance that is our birthright.  As Authors in the Mythica and agents of Awakening, this is our goal.  To transform our inner and outer world and reach the realms of Heaven on Earth.

There is a certain quality that exists when both the inner and outer rainbows have been cleared.  Where there is a harmony existing in both our internal world and the Garden that we inhabit are aligned.  It is a place of beauty, of fellowship and grace, where we engage each other and the land with nobility, with recognition and regard for the sacredness of all things ….

how this works –

When we realize that the abundance is already here and that we are simply clearing the distortions from the field of consciousness to reveal the treasure, we recognize that Heaven on Earth is a real thing – a real reality that can be achieved and sustained through right-relationship with the land … through clearing the shadows within the self to reveal the treasure already there in the inspirations and ideas of the akasha

On our journey along the sacred path between realities, what is the goal? Where is it that we are trying to get to?

Ultimately, the Quest is one of moving from the old to the new paradigm, from that of scarcity to abundance, from distortion to harmony, from separation to Unity. That is the nature of the progression along our timeline. It’s the journey to our Heaven on Earth. The dream of a prosperous life filled with magic, experienced in actuality. To do so, we must take deep dive into the nature of manifestation itself.
You’ve probably heard, “Heaven is a place on Earth.” That means to say, that we can experience our ideals of heavenly life right here on Earth. Let’s take that a step deeper. Where is that place, and how do we get to it? Some may say it is a state of mind, a way of being, and other say it is certain conditions in the world. Where those things meet, the state of our being and the conditions of abundance, grace, expansion and wholeness; are in the realms of Heaven on Earth. It is actually a manifest reality. A physical set of conditions that happen at coordinates of time, space, and depth of being, where we are in that configuration of synchronicity. It happens along our timeline, moving between the spaces, places, people and events that define the realities we face along our progression.
As we move across the heroic landscape of our story, facing the patterns that define our life, we are on our way to Heaven on Earth. We move across a subtle landscape within, as we move through our outer world, an underlands that lay beneath the surface of what things appear to be. As we move through the vertical of our chakras, we move across the horizontal of our path, this is the rainbow road to a more heavenly earth.
It is here that we face the shadows of the qualities such as love, wealth, and health, that appear in our field along our timeline, and as those qualities transform within us, so too do they shift within our reality.

As we clear our portion of the distortion, transforming the conditions of our life for the better along our heroic journey.

This is how we make our way to a whole new reality, at the other end of the rainbow. That we discover how to live in the realms of Heaven on Earth.

The Big Picture - How this Changes the Planet

Individual and collective (as above, so below) … as we clean up the land along our path, we each do our part to transform the conditions of the planet. By each of us making our way to our own Heaven on Earth, and living in the ways of harmony and inspiration, we set that precedent for the world. We embody the living vibration of that reality, becoming a shining light, an example. As more and more people resonate with that reality, we collectively create a new world. We are the planetary midwives for a global culture based on Peace, Love and Unity; the co-creators of a more heavenly Earth.