“I am strong for I have come to know the ley of the Land.”

The pure elemental energy of Gaia, essentially her capillary network, upon which sacred sites have inevitably, intuitively been placed.

Ley travels along ley lines, yet ley itself is a particular frequency of energy that can be drawn upon.  When we understand that Gaia is a living organism, and that our actions are guided by much larger forces like Gravity, the Moon, the Seasons, we come a deeper understanding of why things happen in the Incarnate plane.

As always, it is the Land which supports us, not the other way around.  We are drawn to Places because of the energies of which those realms are made, known or unknown to our current awareness.  Such inspires beings, feeling whatever degree of the energy they can, to create wayshrines, taking advantage of this natural source of resonance and power.

Ley lines are an integral part of the sacred geometry of Gaia, the fundamental patterns that underlie our Incarnate lives.  Like the flower of life and the merkaba and other forms,, the macroscape of ley’s grillwork mirrors the patterns that make up our human Selves, themselves constructed of the elements of the Land in which we are born.


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