Videos Loving Your Story Core to our journey to Heaven on Earth is Loving our Story, is dropping into what it means to be a spiritual being having a human experience. It's the most precious gift, our story, the very meaning to which we speak our tale into existence. Learn how loving your Story leads to more expansion... Continue Reading Academy The Shadow of Value One of the most faced shadows along our journeys is that of Value, of the shroud of our true perception and reception of the Abundance. This takes all forms; financial, relationships, vitality, inspiration, Love, and our sense of fulfillment and overall happiness. When we are in the shadow of Value, our access is blocked, either... Continue Reading Academy Yogas of the Rainbow Bridge Our life is a rainbow of manifestation. In the context of the Mythica, the path we walk and the inner landscape we navigate are intrinsically connected. To walk the very Rainbow Bridge between realities is to shift the rainbow array of energies that make up ourself, known as chakras in the ancient yogas. All forms... Continue Reading Academy Academy - We Live in a Friendly Universe If there is any one thing that we can do to change our circumstance for the better, it is to recognize that God is Good.  That the perennial, constant nature of the Divine emanation is positive, always trying to assist us through our circumstance, always moving towards more awareness, more Love, and more expansion.  When we understand this,... Continue Reading Academy Space - The Final Frontier - Part II - Places in Space (this is part II of a previous article, to read the first part, click here) We all want to live in a better World. One full of Love, Grace, Harmony and Abundance. One where our Gifts are recognized, where we have right-relationship with the many aspects of our Self in the form of... Continue Reading Academy The Substance of Consciousness Very often in spiritual circles there is the phrase, “I want to change my consciouness” or something similar. Yet while this is an entirely valid statement, very often the seeker occurs for me as not truly understanding the nature of consciousness and their relationship to it. This article seeks to help illuminate... Continue Reading Academy Space - The Final Frontier - Part I Space: the final frontier. These are the voyages of the starship Enterprise. Its continuing mission: to explore strange new worlds. To seek out new life and new civilizations. To boldly go where no one has gone before!
I loved Star Trek as a kid. Both the classic and next generation of it's evolution.

It’s essence of...
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Academy Blending With the Deva The Deva, the spirit of the sacred Land. She is always alive, breathing with the subtle life force that flows through all things. In our journey deeper into the Mythica, we cultivate awareness of this through Deva Yoga, shifting the very substance of our consciousness through blending with the Deva.
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Academy The New Paradigm We all feel it. A Shift, sweeping as a great tide through the World. A new paradigm of Fellowship, Abundance and Grace, where we live in collective harmony. A place where we cast off the shackles of separation and learn to live as One.

The vision of its emergence moves through us, calling us to...
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Academy The Goddess Considered to be the embodiment of form itself, in the context of the Mythica the material plane is often referred to as ‘The Goddess’, “Shakti”, or in some Ages, ‘Akasha’.  She is the expression of all forms, and is an aspect of loving relationship with the substance of the akasha.  In comparison, the formlessness... Continue Reading Academy Life Visioning Reverend Michael Beckwith and Peter Fae, from the 2016 Story 'Agape' from the Journey Home Special thanks goes out to the Life Visioning process, presented by Reverend Michael Beckwith of the Agape ministries.  The Life Visioning has played an integral role in the clearing of Self that has been the journey home. At... Continue Reading Academy As Within so Without - The Relationship between Inner and Outer Reality "Sometimes in Life we wonder, what are things about? How do the things Within manifest Without? Some say it's just a hologram, the World we seem to See If so what is the alchemy, of how things come to Be?" To move across the realms towards Heaven on Earth we must understand the cause of our circumstance.  Whatever... Continue Reading Academy Sovereignty Key to movement across the realms of the Akasha is sovereignty.  Defined in the dictionary as a 'self-governing state', in the context of our heroic journey towards a brighter World, sovereignty refers to the ability to be in control over one's thoughts and energetic responses to circumstance.  It is the piece of self-control that... Continue Reading Academy Shared Storylines in the Akasha In the Akasha, the Ocean of Form that makes up all things, there are threads.  Lines of energy which represent the timelines of the People, moving from one incarnation to another along the cloud atlas of their interwoven destiny. When we come to see these threads, to see the weave of the great tapestry of... Continue Reading Academy We are Water Water as the elemental representation of the divine mother and womb workshop experience. Learning to surrender into flow, trust, love, and grace in the arms of the feminine...<3 Water is not just a physical substance, but an elemental representation of the Divine Mother. Carrying the qualities of Love, Grace, Surrender, Flow, formless able to be... Continue Reading Academy Witnessing Miracles This video piece is from the 'Sword in the Stone' episode of the Journey Home, where Peter Fae encounters Bill, who relays a proof of the Course in Miracles from his own experience. Continue Reading Academy Devic Medicines There are many forms of medicine.  Those that come from the natural World carry with them our relationship with the deva, with the intelligences of the Natural World and the Wisdom they carry ...   Continue Reading Academy How the Mythica Works Welcome to a new form of Stories.  Where we tell tales not of fiction, but of the real yet subtle World of our own blossoming awareness, and the magickal World that waits to be seen.  A place of wonder and limitless potential I call, 'the Mythica'.  The real mythical World. As the creator of Into the Mythica,... Continue Reading Academy Ho'oponopono and Forgiveness Ho'oponopono, the Hawai'ian art of returning things to balance through forgiveness, has been one of the most crucial tools in my liberation, an essential tool for clearing the way back to our birthright of Abundance and Prosperity. Like so many of the trusted influences in my life, I recognized the virtue of ho'oponopono for it's... Continue Reading Academy Your Power is in the Now There is only Now. Perhaps the greatest spiritual error in manifestation is the idea of ‘when I get there’.  The idea that we will feel a certain way when we achieve a particular result, when in fact the reality of manifestation is the opposite … we get the result when we have the feeling. On the... Continue Reading Academy Transcendence and Embodiment What is the Self? What is the Purpose of the Self? A Worthy question, for all aspects of our human existence revolve around this Idea.  Throughout human history, the nature of the Self and our relationship to it have inspired countless religions, spiritualities and philosophies, in which we investigate what it means to have a... Continue Reading Academy God's Plan is Bigger than You Are As we pass through the threshold of awareness that allows us vantage over the deeper synchronicities of our lives, we come to see the inimitable Truth - That God's Plan is Bigger than We Are.  That every event in our Life, perceived through our current octave of awareness and prism of Self, is part of... Continue Reading Academy What is Realization? In spiritual circles, we often hear the terms 'Realization', and 'Enlightenment'.  Yet these terms are rarely clearly communicated, for to truly understand them, one must experience them.  Without this true realization, what is often considered spiritual dialogue is mostly conjecture, parroted from various sources without the vibrational embodiment of the actual thing. As part of my function... Continue Reading Academy Yoga and Direct Perception There are many students of yoga.  Many impermanent traditions and forms by which beings cultivate their awareness of God's Truth.  Yet very often the mechanics of the origin of the techniques are misunderstood or barely recognized.  While there is often veneration of one's teacher or one's lineage, there exists the danger of failing to recognize the necessity... Continue Reading Academy Witnessing versus Manifestation There are many ways in which we can experience this reality.  Many techniques that we can use to shift the conditions of our lives.  For many, the focus in on the art of manifestation, the sculpting of one's vibration to achieve an effect.  What I interpret as 'Manifestor' consciousness from the Life Visioning principles,... Continue Reading Academy God is Good If there is any one thing that we can do to change our circumstance for the better, it is to recognize that God is Good.  That the perennial, constant nature of the Divine emanation is positive, always trying to assist us through our circumstance, always moving towards more awareness, more Love, and more expansion.  When we understand... Continue Reading Academy You are More than You Know We are so much more than we know.  What we see on the surface is just that, the surface.  The shallowest level of awareness of the much deeper, much more sacred and enduring aspect that lay beneath.  In Truth, we are Divine beings, on a blessed journey to the Revelation of who we truly are. Yet... Continue Reading Academy Gratitude Of the many keys that we can use to change the conditions of our lives, gratitude is one of the strongest.  Many beings thankfully already invoke gratitude as a daily practice, yet sometimes it is difficult to hold such a tone in our lives, especially when we are dealing with circumstances that seem to... Continue Reading Academy The Answer is Out There, Somewhere Often times I have heard beings declare that there is no way out of their circumstances.  That things have to be done a certain way, and such is the only method of victory. Yet such is not the case.  There are many Paths that we can take, many roads that lead us towards our revelation.  What... Continue Reading Academy God's Plan is Bigger than we are In the human condition, we only have so much awareness.  It's part of the nature of the thing.  We don't know what's going to happen, what blessings could be coming our way.  Often times, we go through what seem to be terrible circumstances, only to find out later that they were part of a... Continue Reading