Welcome to the Mythica portfolio.  Here You will see images and videos that relate to the Academy, the Physics of the Quest, and most importantly, the fundamental principle of the Journey Home, to witness the wonder, documenting the uncontrived and natural occurrence of Grace and Glory on the Path in accordance with one’s vibrational state.

In the yoga of witnessing the wonder, none of the photos were set up.  No photoshop, no sets, no models.  No pre-arranged ideas.  Everything happened, with minimal to no post-production, meant to show that when we embody a magickal vibration, we arrive in moments when the magick is happening.  This is the proof of the Quest.  As You peruse the images, they contain links to the Stories they first occurred in on the Journey Home, to better showcase the context of the magickal World.  Thank You for Reading, and may You live a Mythical Life.

– Peter Fae