Shared Storylines in the Akasha

In the Akasha, the Ocean of Form that makes up all things, there are threads.  Lines of energy which represent the timelines of the People, moving from one incarnation to another along the cloud atlas of their interwoven destiny.

When we come to see these threads, to see the weave of the great tapestry of our shared Stories, we gain more insight into the reality – We are all connected.  All part of something much larger.  Elemental patterns playing out through human Selves, having experiences which define the human adventure.

It is a majesty, and one that is impossible to see from the shallows of our awareness.  Such is the sacred art of Divination, in which we forecast and foretell the movements of these delicate gravities, witnessing the threads of our unfoldment in the Ocean of the Akasha, the map of All Stories.

There is, after all, a pattern to our lives.  A pattern to the repetition of thoughts that circle through our mindseye, a pattern to the synchronicities that remind us of God’s perfection and ease our suffering.  As spiritual beings in a mortal condition, we live within the rolling gravities of our own Story, intersecting with others in the great unfoldment.

To provide a framework for this, Into the Mythica was created.  A way of witnessing our synchronicities, of tying the circumstances of our heroic journeys into the much larger framework of our shared destiny.  We ask the very poignant question, “Why did that happen?”, “How are we connected?” ,”What was the context of our meeting and how does it relate to our personal and Collective unfoldment?”

In the Mythica, we touch on the idea of shared destinies.  Of shared imprints, wrought into the very substance of our prism of Self, which match those of other Selves up0n the realms of the Mythica.  We track the ways in which we occur in each other lives, going deep into the Qualities of Consciousness that we each represent and what that means towards our evolution.

Peter Fae

A great example of this is the meeting of my Self (Peter Fae) and Yeshua Lucis.  While at the time of this article we work tirelessly to build the mapwork of the underplanes of our shared reality, we have only been in confluence for a year of mortal time.  Yet, as we come to recognize the events within our own unique lives, the lessons and movements which led us both to the synchronicity of our meeting in the towne of Crestone nestled within the spine of the Dragon, we may see such threads within the Akasha manifest.

On the Journey Home, I had been led to Crestone for the second time, there to take sanctuary with Lady Faust after the long haul on the road.  Here, I would dive ever-deeper into the building of the Mythica, receiving a dream to share the project to assist the emergent enterprises of Agape and Mindvalley in the Awakening of the human condition.  With little money, I was demanded to invoke the Life Visioning principles in constancy, performing the yoga of Manifestor consciousness relentlessly in effort to move from a realm of financial scarcity to that of Abundance and easement.  For years I had been praying for allies to join me on the Quest, beings of valor and virtue, whose own Heart’s desire was to live in their magickal Story and share that with the World.

As this was happening, Yeshua was living in Crestone, working on the Land.  He had received a vision at the sacred Fire to share his Story with the World.  Soon after, he would run into the character Krystleyez, who, in a shared conversation about the synchronicity of Stories and their unfoldment, she would suggest that he met me.

Soon after that, Yeshua, Krystleyez and I would meet, sitting together at the round table that lay just outside the Elephant Cloud in the centre of Crestone.  Here, Yeshua and I would meet, sharing the Life Visioning to document our Stories and present them.  Such was the beginning of our brotherhood upon the Quest, leading us through many hours of journeywalk across the realms of the Mythica, clearing our way through the defilements and distortions of the planes of scarcity and confusion towards the Abundance and Grace that is our birthright.

Seen at depth, in the Ocean of the Akasha, our threadlines share a similar energy.  That unique texture of the Quality of Consciousness that is Story.  More, we shared the qualities of union with the Land, of sacred relationship with the Deva, of ritual, majesty and fierce sovereignty.  Such things are not random.  They are the revelation of the Pattern, which lay beneath the surface of our awareness.  The Story that lay beneath our stories.




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