Listening to the Aina

In Akasha Yogaby Yeshua Lucis

One of the most powerful things I’ve learned in this Awakening is how to listen. To drop in, center, and just recieve, paying attention to everything that’s unfolding. Spending more time in Nature and being receptive, it opens up such simple magic and miracles, where we are resting enough in the Tao to learn from the Mother. Then, in patterns of the Land, sounds on the wind, the shapes of stones and the flow of water, we can become more attuned with the wonder of the natural world. 

Here, in stillness, we can find our alignment with Gaia. Its a visceral sensation of connection with the web of Life, where we know that we can communicate with the Land because there is no separation. Naturally, lessons and healings occur, because we are tapping into our own Essential Self. We were meant to learn from Nature! The journey into the wilderness without is just as much one of finding the wild within.

Here, from Hana Mana at the edges of the jungle, I can hear the voice of the Land. I breath, drawing on the vital energy, mana, coursing through the sacred Land, called the Aina by the ancient tongue of the Hawaiians. To feel this energy, we must deepen our awareness, by listening, by slowing down and being Present for the Present of this moment. This life is a Gift. When we grow our gratitude we are in the optimal asana of attitude, to recieve the blessings and let the magic of life flow through us.

So many times on my journey have I been brought back to the Land to get my guidance and orientation. Before I trusted people I trusted Nature. In a world lost to itself we have to birth these new codes, and the elementals want to help us. When we ask, and we open up In sincerity, Spirit can start to guide us, but we need to listen, and align with the sacred Land.

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Yeshua Lucis

Yeshua is an Author of the Mythica, sharing his adventure of synchronicity and Awakening. Explore his magical universe and go deeper into his Story on his avatar site.

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