Lost in Shadow

Life isn’t always easy.  Things happen.  Many times there is suffering.  We don’t know, we can’t perceive, we aren’t able to see a way out of our circumstance.  Things are not always wine and roses; and anyone who tells You otherwise is a liar.

Very often in our lives we are stuck.  We feel powerless.  Helpless.  Trapped in circumstance.  It seems as though we are running in circles, and many times, we are.  It can be a dismal, depressing place.  Lost.  Lost in the worst way; unable to navigate to our own intuition; our own deeper Knowing.  Where we must rely on the perspectives of others for our own self-knowing is clouded.

I know this place.  It’s real.  It’s real for many, many people on the planet.  And yet, despite being in such places, we must make decision.  We must find a way through the confusion.  Must find a light in the darkness.  Somehow.url

So we make those choices.  And sometimes they succeed.  Yet we do the best we can, we rise to the challenge as best we are able; and in this; in this beautiful Action; there is ALWAYS Victory; for something done is better than nothing at all.

The journey to Knowing our Self is not easy.  As with any Quest; we must earn this most precious of Gifts.  It is an adventure into the deepest, darkest parts of our Selves; places guarded by the demons and devils that were once our guardians turned to rust.  Where we must do the best we can under questionable circumstances.

Yet these are the trials.  These are the very aspects of our Life which forge our Character.  Which make us the remedy not only for our Selves; but for others who still wander through their own confusion.  In facing our battles, in rising to the challenge, we serve something much greater than our individual Self; lighting a beacon in the darkness.  There is always a Victory; somewhere.  A lesson learned, hard-won or no; which brings us all one step closer to the peace and harmony that is our birthright.

I speak from experience; for I have been in these places.  I have been lost; I have been confused; I have traveled through valleys of doubt; where I had neither Faith in my Self nor a higher power.  There are times on the journey when I cursed the Heavens, when I would lash my Self with hatred; where I was not my own best friend; but the worst.

It happens.  It is authentic, it is painful; and it happens.  Suffering is real.  We cannot control every bit of our circumstance; no matter how adept at manifestation we imagine our Selves to be.  We do not always see the bigger Plan, the choreography of events that lay beyond the veil of our current horizon.

Yet despite this, we can try again.  We can always try again.  We can remind our Selves that there is Hope; that Life is bigger than we are; and that we can make a difference, that our actions DO make a difference; whether or not we know it at the time.

Stay true.  Stay strong.  And always try again.  This is your heroic journey.

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