Mapping out the New World

As an ecosystem, the Mythica maps out the sacred World which exists for beings who live on a certain frequency of vibration.  This plays out in accordance with the physics of the Quest, in which beings move through entire Realities based on certain junctures of Time, Space and Depth.

The simplicity of it is this: Heaven is a place on Earth.  A place that exists at certain moments in Time, certain moments in Space, and at a particular Depth of being.  This is a core concept to understanding how the many realities that exist for different individuals happen, not in the abstract, but in the very real, very physical manifestation of form.

As an ecosystem, the Mythica provides a framework for the mapping out of these realities based on the very real physics of manifestation, tying them into the self-development practices which alter one’s vibration and thus change the reality that one lives in based on the sacred mirror (a.k.a. the Law of Reflection).  We do this by crystallizing an understanding of the physics of the Quest and documenting our journey on our timelines, literally exploring the various realms that we encounter on our sacred Path.

The truth is, there are Worlds within the World.  Places that can only be found, only be accessed, when one is made of a particular vibrational signature.  If one does not exist in that particular octave of light, such realms simply do not occur in one’s experience.  One literally has no idea that such Places exist.  They have neither the inspiration nor the synchronicity for such things to occur.  It is for this reason we describe the physics of the Quest, which provide a framework by which one may understand how such territories occur in relation our own vibrational nature.  Such a thing can only be mapped out through the timelines of individuals and groups, for such is the way in which reality unfolds.  We live in the reflection of our own energetic signature, coming to places and realms along the Path that match that frequency.  By following the timelines of blue-marble-w-gridindividuals and groups who shared these particular resonances, we are able to map an overview of the mythical landscape, the places that can only be seen when one travels those roads through the territories of the Mythica.

For example.  In my travels, I have encountered many realms of the magickal, emergent consciousness.  People and Places that are constructed of the vibrations of devotion, of relationship with the deva, with the emergent Galactic and millennial awareness.  Places like Livingwell, like Onedoorland, like Crestone, the Beloved festival, Bali, Sedona, and Kauai, to name a few.  In perfect synchronicity, I have intersected the timelines of other avatars of the Emergent World, all of us drawn to circumstance through the prism of our Selves and the physics of the Quest.

In essence, to encounter these aspects of our potential Earth, one must BE of the vibration of that thing.  As we bring together those timelines, like ley lines upon this topography of vibration, we come to showcase the overview of these realms, providing a map of the Worlds with the World.



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