Maps – Paths through the Ethers

It came to me in a vision, where I saw the nature of the land beneath the land more clearly.  Where the mythos and archetype dissolved into it’s component parts.  Such was the deep places of the underlands, where the world dissolved into the color of the wind.

Here, I saw how our very selves were made of the elements, where the divination granted to me by the deva in Findhorn during the “Faerie Roads” adventure of 2009 began to blossom.

It had been a mystical moment.  Having arrived at the borderlands to Faerie that radiated beneath Findhorn, I had been led to clean bits of metal from the land, particles which I felt were agitating the electromagnetic of the deva.  It was a deeply clarifying moment where, like my time at Livingwell, , I saw the elemental nature of the people at it’s depth.  Intrinsically connected to the substance of the planet herself.  As I cleared the land, the deva reminded me of this, that while the people worked with the garden, the truth was we were the Garden.  That we were the Garden itself, made of the substance of the Land.

There are ways to describe the deep places.  The subtle and causal places of our experience.  To showcase the fundamental principles of yoga in a new way.

It was a thing that resonated all throughout the Path as I walked the underlands of Faerie, arriving in scenes along the strings of my story where the Land would speak to me, reminding me of the truth that had been forgotten.  That we were the children of Gaia, herself.  Emanations of Light made of the substance of the Land.  Such was the remembrance, the return to the Garden within and without that held the timbre of Home.  Of the right-relationship with one’s lands and legend, such that their path walks the Brightlands of a more heavenly earth.

The way our Path looks changes depending on where we’re looking at it from.  When we look at it in the subtle planes, it is a thing of archetypes, of avatars and interpretations, the living mythology of our lives.

Yet when we go deeper, the terrain changes.  The forms dissolve, revealing themselves as components of the prime elements that make up all form.  We come to see that our path, that all paths, are movements through the ethers of the Akasha.

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