Mastering the Myth – The Magnitude of the Mythica

The journey to build the Mythica has been long.  Fifteen years of journey to get to the realm of being where I have the access to even weave this article.  As a new form of Storytelling that included the applied yogas that facilitate Awakening, she required the finest of materials, gained only through the alchemical clarification of the Self.  Without such a beingness, such a weaving could not have been perceived, much less invoked.  We must be the thing we seek to radiate in bright service.

As such, the creation of the Mythica, a sculpture of the Akashic latticework of our return to the Garden has been a vast challenge.  One demanding the evolution fo the Self into the appropriate form to channel such a magnificence to the People.

Such a thing was not Known to my surface consciousness when I first embarked on the journey.  Then, such was simply the desperate pressure to find a way through the madness of my untempered awareness, the intention to build a sacred mirror that anchored and clarified my wandering consciousness.  It is only now, as the Mythica blossoms out into the Worlds, that I come to see the acorn of the oak that she was destined to become.  The seed of the World Tree, cast in lightning and prose.

It became clearer, of course, as I made my way through the realms of the Mythica, facing the challenges of dissonant tone in my circumstance and choosing the virtue to find my way across the Shadow realms back to the Brightlands, my names for the places of darkness and of clarity in our relationship with the Creation.  As I continued on the Quest, the purposing of the seed within me became more and more clear, I was tracking my way back to the Garden.  To the clearing of the Self and the embodiment of Heaven on Earth.  Building a bifrost, a rainbow bridge for the People such that they could make their own way Home.

Such was and is a yoga of the highest order.  One which integrates the nature of our blossoming consciousness, mapping out the framework and structure of the Incarnate in terms of our individual and Collective heroic journey.  Outlining the gravity of Story, Herself.

Such s, of course, the new Story.  The Story of our Awakening.  Not the bedtime story of a sleeping consciousness, but the Wakeup Story of the emergent paradigm.  In this way the Mythica is a media platform devoted to the radiance of our shared magick, of the yogas and returns to the Garden, by mapping out the nature of our synchronicity.  Creating an actual way to witness the unfoldment and participate in the transformation of one’s consciousness.

No easy task.  Such required the development of the siddhi of Story, the embodied mythos of the Self that can only occur when one’s awareness is flush with Light.  Yet to embody such a thing, to cleanse and clear one’s way to such virtuous vibration, IS the remedy.  Such is the Gift, inherent in one’s beingness that changes everything.

We must Be the Change we wish to See in the World.

Such is no idle quotation, but a Truth.  The phrasing of the Law.

As we live in the halo of our own circumstance, as we come to see that it is only through the clearing of our inner vibrations that we may change our circumstance and that of others, we realize this.  Our effort to improve the Self is our greatest Gift, for there is no separation.  When we clean our Self, we clean “others”.

How to frame such a thing? How to showcase the healing nature of our own journey? How to prove the principles of yoga and of Beauty, the ways in which we return to Grace but to live them? We can only enlighten ourselves, and share that bright attainment with the other aspects of our Self in the form of ‘others’.  Such is the grand service as we walk each other Home across the many realms of the Mythica.

It was in this the Idea of the Mythica bloomed, pushing her way through the dirt and bedrock of my unconsciousness.  How her tendrils sought the Sun of remembrance, the return to the consciousness of the God-Self, such to spread those seeds through the Worlds through the currency of a redemptive media.  A way of showcasing and honouring  the journey back to that state of being.  To SHOW the travel across the many octaves of the rainbow road not just for my own Self, but for others.  For us to discover and be exalted in our own heroic journey, to have better framework for the witnessing of our experience and the unfoldment of our own seed within, our own Gift to the Collective waiting to blossom.

To tell *that* Story, to witness the Living Story, was, to me, a high yoga, it’s documentation a revelation of the attainments gained through such noble effort.  In this the Idea pulsed within me, insistent upon it’s declaration.  To frame the mythos of our journey.  To provide a way for beings to See the World at a deeper octave, to recognize their own Value, to remind us all that God is Good and that our efforts are not wasted, such is a bright thing.

Yet such is the magnitude of the Mythica.  To create a publishing network which details the way Home.  Which showcases the magick and wonder of the World, as well as the yogas that help us get to that bright octave of who we can be.  It has been a long journey, to be sure.  Yet a righteous one.  And I am thankful to get to play this part in telling the Great Story of our Awakening.

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