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    1 month, 1 week ago
    A beautiful night was just celebrated at a restaurant in San Marcos, Atitlan, called Samsara’s Garden, with friends magnetizing to the music, both planned and unplanned! My good friend and ally Christina and I serenaded the soul’s of Samsara for a few hours, passing the mic back and forth, jamming on the loop pedal with fun effects, and singing heart songs that inspired, uplifted, and awakened emotion and vibrancy in all around us! People wandered in from the streets and stayed for the hearth-vibrations of the heart-warming songs. After we were done serenading, this group photo happened, and I started beat-boxing and looping vocal harmonix into the loop-pedal, freestyled about co-creating a thriving vibrant Earth, and then passed the mic for friends to freestyle as well! It was a beautiful memorable night, one that we will have weekly this month! I love the community here at Lake Atitlan!

    After the music, I had tempe tacos and talked with two amazing mythical friends, Tara and Jericho, who are dialing in major Isis and Hathor codes, spoke to me of profound astrology and musical activations, and invited me to their temple space tomorrow. So I will have more to report on after completing that quest!

    This photo sums up the energy of this eve of wonder and community blossoming!


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