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    The Temple of Isis ~ March 20th 2018

    This spring equinox, I feel the light truly returning. Not just in the physical reality, but in the subtle realm. Today, I went to visit Anaia Sundara at the home she’s been staying at on Powerhouse Rd. It was the first time I’d traveled that path and was overcome by the energy and beauty. Upon arriving at the house and looking out the back, I was stunned into speechless wonder and started tearing up. For I was staring at the most beautiful land I’d ever seen. Pure magic. Like a fairytale dream. There is so much beauty on Kauai, but this place is deeply special. An old mango tree towered as the energetic pillar of the land while blue jade vines dangled dripping with flowers, dropping them on the bridge which crossed the stream to a bigger river. Bushes of all kinds of flowers decorated the stream side. All nestled in between two lush green mountains. A copper pyramid with a crystal inside lead the way to the back garden and deeper river. My whole being released in this immaculate beauty. Of course Anaia and I would meet to have our sisterhood healing here. We went back to the space she’s staying in, sat on a vita mat heated fluffy rug, and went deep into catching up, unraveling karmic stories, and stepping into a new level of connection and friendship. All sealed with a snuggle on her bed. We both felt the full circle resolution and healing we’d been longing for since our intense journey to Oregon Eclipses festival together last year. Then we went to the river and did a Equinox ceremony. We anointed the water and each other, released rose petals into the water with each spoken prayer, sang and toned, and put water in our tibetan singing bowls and played them together before releasing the super charged water back into the river. I could feel the deva responding so strongly to us. The wind picked up specifically during the prayer for the divine masculine. I saw the cutest tree spirit and there was a beautiful water vortex right under the spot we chose to sit. Pure magic. Our connection felt finally in right purposing. Like we have made it through the sisterhood wounds of jealousy, competition, and betrayal to genuine love and unity. We worked with the love of the rose and water to unite and recognize that we are reflections of each other. Committing to full transparency and trusting each other again through trusting ourselves. So much beauty…

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    Just got off an epic zoom call with @peterfae where he showed me this new River of Myth! My heart is singing remembering our times at Future Peak and seeing how The Mythica is now built and ready to receive the raindrop of my story. How is know!?

  • Water as the elemental representation of the divine mother and womb workshop experience. Learning to surrender into flow, trust, love, and grace in the arms of the feminine…

  • ♡ Sisterhood is one of the greatest treasures in life! ♡
    My mom used to tell me boyfriends come and go so make your girlfriends a priority as they outlast all of them! The older I get the more I see the truth […]

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    I thought I wanted to be a queen
    That’s when I still thought I knew anything
    That’s when I still thought I was in control
    That’s when I still thought

    I don’t want to be queen
    This golden cloak holds no meaning
    I don’t know anything about ruling myself
    I’m ruled by life itself
    I’ll leave my cloak abandoned on these train tracks
    I want the Mystic’s naked body with the hands of a gardener

    My first step so bare
    The earth split open inside my cells
    And the self lit fire
    From the friction
    Of an earthquaked heart

    I could not run
    The flames came from the inside
    Melting my ideas to stardust
    Body now a soil of ash

    This castle has burnt to the ground
    There is nothing more to climb
    I asked for this burial
    And I don’t rule over the resurrection