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    3 years, 11 months ago
    I thought I wanted to be a queen
    That’s when I still thought I knew anything
    That’s when I still thought I was in control
    That’s when I still thought

    I don’t want to be queen
    This golden cloak holds no meaning
    I don’t know anything about ruling myself
    I’m ruled by life itself
    I’ll leave my cloak abandoned on these train tracks
    I want the Mystic’s naked body with the hands of a gardener

    My first step so bare
    The earth split open inside my cells
    And the self lit fire
    From the friction
    Of an earthquaked heart

    I could not run
    The flames came from the inside
    Melting my ideas to stardust
    Body now a soil of ash

    This castle has burnt to the ground
    There is nothing more to climb
    I asked for this burial
    And I don’t rule over the resurrection

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