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Totemic Affirmations

For the 3rd time in just over a week, Moth totem appears to me. At first in a panel of the graphic novel Promethea,...

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Releasing the Warrior’s Karma: the Return to Innocence

One of my favorite creation stories is that of Sofia, her wild and gorgeous matrix called Gaia and it's consequent rape and decimation by...

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Last night I dreamed that I was sitting on the second story patio of a home I was renting for a retreat. The grass...

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Every glance at the clock for days: 3:33, 3:24, 11:11, 11:37..and on and on. Threes, Nines, and Elevens are everywhere. The universe speaks in...

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2020-5-14- Grounding Transformation

I wake with a feeling of lightness, of access to the fresh start that's been looming on the horizon for months. I'm happy to...

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The Dawn of a New Day

I sit here in the green space in front of an almost empty shopping center, enjoying what I promise to myself will be my...

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New Moon Magic

In the August new moon in Capricorn, Peter and I plant seeds for ourselves and the collective in the form of a ritual cord...

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