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Casandra Renee Schuettoffline

  • Haiku, Kingdom of Hawaii

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Casandra Renee Schuett

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Kasandra Ukiah

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Kingdom of Hawaii



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An Akashic Relic of Breath, Violet Sun, and Purification.

Casandra Renee Schuett, unfolded into Kasandra Ukiah Renee [Schuett] is a High Priestess of Akashic Yoga and a Scribe in the Revealing of our Planetary Awakening.

Since 2012, she has been exploring the realms of psyche, and our relations within this human plane, as well as far beyond, through “past lives” and alternate timelines. She accesses and channels the codes of various Ascended Masters, Angels, Archangels, and Spirits. This channeling is expressed through visual arts, poetry, and general poetic reflection upon her realizations and experiences of this magickal world and our strands of consciousness within it.

In her prose, she is elaborating upon our inter-connectedness between mind, body, and spirit, and reflections of her experience throughout this journey of life will explain various conduits of truth perceived through the eyes of the Innocent Observer.

As the archetype of Goddess, Priestess, Magician, Seer, Sage, and Worldbridger, she is an Ethereal Wonder … imprinting Angelic Hues of Truth upon our Collective Ascension.

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75 Aloha Aina Pl. Haiku, HI 96708

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