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    2 months, 3 weeks ago

    2020-3-9 – As we sit in Whole Foods, Yeshua presents a beautiful illustration of the subtle aspect of Nature’s energy. Taking his inspiration, I bring it into Pixaloop for a couple of animations. It is awesome… To be in this stage of the process, able to honor the avatars as they appear and showcase this to the world.

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    • Together @nature and I shifted into the Mythica, as what appears here is but woven light from the threads of his akashic emanation. The right totems, glyphs and images appeared in our inventory, as we brought our light together in the fellowship of the roundtable, bowing to the gift that each brings to the table. As I crafted the image, I felt Nature’s vibration, and what he embodies, holding the intention of honoring him and what he brings to the World in service to Gaia. Such is the honor of our task to tending the garden of this seeds for the New Earth, and here where the new story is told, it is the very application of Akasha Yoga that renders itself upon the surface plane of perception as the media foretold.



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