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    2 months, 2 weeks ago

    It is truly an amazing thing, witnessing how everything is FINALLY coming together. Where the coherence necessary to create Mythica publishing is coming through the field, manifesting as an easement in the way of our telling, the onboarding of the Authors, the back-end Google site, everything.

    Perhaps what is most beautiful about this is that it IS THE MANIFESTATION OF THE MAGICAL WORLD in that everything we have achieved has been the result of the applied practices of magic, where we’ve proven the physics of the quest and made our way along the rainbow road to the realms of production and expansion at last!

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    • So true my brother, so much so has it been our ongoing devotion to the Service. IN which we’ve witnessed time and time again the universe supports us on our Quest, which has formed the basis of the timeline application of seeing our progression to a more Heavenly Earth, all so that we can help our readers and the world see that the magic is real. Not only that, but how to truly perceive that despite things are difficult, the right resources and allies appear, such as the leftover laptop manifesting for me when I visited my mother, and the media labs and computers coming to us with the access to the ideas all to forge the very manifestation from the ground up.



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