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    2 weeks ago

    The journey to Heaven on Earth is always one of clearing. Of dissolving the impressions in the akasha that are the sculpture of our circumstance. Of shifting the point of one’s presence to the recognition of unfolding dream.

    First thing in the morning, Randy and I head over to the other property, aligning our energies to weed the land. As I do, the aina speaks to me, reminding that this is my own self. That by consciously weeding the land, I invoke an inspired yoga, *aware* that I am working with the substance of my own self, manifest.

    I breathed in, feeling my bare feet on the land. Feeling the mana moving along my limbs, informing my actions. Reaching out, I felt the weeds in both the outer and inner experience, the subtle somatic impressions in the substance of my self.

    I pulled them out. Felt the breath of the aina move through me, and with the pulling, felt my own consciousness clear. Such is the Gift of the Land in it’s essence. The spell of potency gained in the dissolution of separation. Where one REALIZES, deeply and truly in fibers of their self, that is their *OWN* self they work with in the ‘outer’ experience.

    From such a place, magic happens. Where we work directly with the textures of our own unfolding mindstuff. I experienced this directly, as I worked with the Land. Felt things clear within me, granting me ACCESS to a vision. A way of presenting my Story in humanity and right-service. Where I saw the right words, the most authentic of my current wielding,, come to light.

    This is always the way. Each of us has a seed of light, wishing to be born through us. When clean the lens of our perception such that we may See the treasure already around us, and make our way, muddy toes and a smile, to a more heavenly Earth.

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