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    2 weeks ago

    The journey to a more heavenly Earth is alchemical. A movement from one aspect of the subtle land to another. Where we shift and transform that shape of our consciousness, bringing us into a new reality.

    The Mythica continues to blossom. I feel a consistent easement in the casting of Story, in the opening and authenticity of my own voice, my own part in the chorus of our Awakening. A sense of soothing Love snakes up and down my spine, tingling with new appreciation.

    I feel access. More access than ever before, to the Gift of the Mythica.

    As I do, I become aware, as I always have, of the aspect of my self I am still learning. Of the physical, the root, the material plane, an my relationship to the healing of the body. I am aware that it is time to put more focus into my form, to embrace my self and skin with more Love, more care and devoted attention.

    This was part of the promise I made myself, many years ago, when I made the vow to forge the Mythica, spending endless hours on the computer in-between my jaunts across the akasha. Where I worked through the agitations and resolving patterns that were blocking my access to the abundance.

    There, I vowed that I would deepen back into the body. Drop my awareness back into that church of sensation.

    … it’s been a long time coming. And while I am so thankful for the clarities I’ve gained, I remind myself that such is the next frontier, the next movement into wholeness. Where I get to bring the clarity of the crown into the roots of my earth, aligning Heaven and Earth within.

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