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    2 weeks ago

    As I gaze into the moments coming up, a portal opens, briefly, across my awareness. I see the path leading into new tantras, new rituals and magics. A sense of coming to the hearth after many years abroad.

    It flashes for a moment, not yet born to Time, yet visceral and real. Where I feel things changing within and without, orchestrating a change of being.

    It is time to heal. Time to change the pattern of my life in a new way. To become even more whole, even more integrated, even more embodied.

    It is amazing to have come this far. To be in the manifestation of this realm of being. To be living in the mythos I am. I am so excited to travel once more, to step into a new reality and see where the Path takes me.

    The vision fades as I write this, leaving me another week of time in beautiful Hana, getting my things in order to meet Misty Odom in the realms of Austin.

    (with @mistyo)

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