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    1 week, 6 days ago

    The Quest continues as I begin to embrace the vitality and rejuvenating practices of the earth plane even more. As I push my way onto the bars and breathe gratitude and expansion through the subtle asana of my form, I take a moment to consider how far I have come.

    My Path has always been somewhat reversed from most of the beings I have encountered, where instead of coming from Earth to Heaven in terms of consciousness, I’ve been coming from Heaven to Earth. Where the subtle perceptions and energies of the akasha have been far more real to me than the transiences and confusions of the material plane.

    Yet while this nature enabled me to create Into the Mythica and to showcase the nature of the World Tree, it has been exceedingly difficult at times to drop into what many incarnates would consider the most basic of the repetitions that define the human condition. The constant cooking, the cleaning, the maintenance of the body.

    It has not been easy, for we all require balance in order to fully embody into this World, and are ALL dealing with the collective shadows of the old paradigm in our own way. For me, this involved pulling back from my love of dancing and movement to focus exclusively on clearing my crown, so that I could properly navigate through the changing conditions of the earth plane.

    As I did this, gaining ever more ground in my subtle perceptions, my body arts diminished. I made a promise to my self that I would return to the physical arts once I had attained what I was looking for and the Mythica was built.

    That time is now. As I continue to scribe my adventure and witness that of others in the Mythica, I find myself going deeper into the physical arts, gradually balancing out my own Earth and Sky to be of better health, wholeness, and service to our emergent World.

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