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    1 week, 5 days ago

    The writing continues to come together as I send off messages to the various yoga studios and individuals that Lynn was kind enough to suggest to me. As I do this, the olde wound, that tightness within the chest of trepidation, of wondering if I shall be met and come into supportive circumstance, rises.

    I know it’s just a sensation. That despite the hardships on the Quest *and* the blessings of awareness and spiritual clarity gained through those trials, that I have always been taken care of, one way or another.

    Yet while I remind myself of this, the textures of my form ripple with disquiet. I wonder at what effort of manifestation I need engage, if any. If things will just simply unfold in easement, where I may at last bring the Gift of the Mythica to the Commonwealth and be received.

    With the writing flowing and the Mythica online, it feels as though such is FINALLY happening. That I may breathe into the feeling-of trust in easement, truly settled into the idea that I will receive the information I need at the appropriate time.

    Like all things, it is an applied yoga, where I breathe steadily into relationship with the Divine, querying into the very nature of manifestation and it’s progressions across the akasha and continue my service of documenting the road of healing and manifestation to a more heavenly Earth.

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