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    3 weeks ago
    2018-8-29 –

    The trials continue as I make my way deeper across the underlands, integrating the human condition and recognizing the kriyas and techniques both necessary and welcomed to transform the circumstance.

    in her kindness, Misty Odom (@mistyo) grants sanctuary for a pair of nights as we contemplate the next movement forward. It is challenging, as so many shadows within my being are rising to the surface and I sense the inevitability of the healing journey that I am embarking on.

    In so many ways, I had wanted the trials to simply relax. To be in the flushness at last, in all ways. Yet as I cross the threshold, that which has been unresolved, is still in agitation, still in shadow within myself rises to the surface, blocking my access to the expansion and abundance, requiring *more * effort.

    It is not entirely a chore or a bad thing. With the Mythica more dialed, I find myself in more of an acceptance of human process, at last able to digest some of the patterns that exist in this aspect of the Creation.

    And, as this is happening, there is also great expansion within the Mythica. The social network, the comics, the bookshelves, all coming together nicely. As has been the pattern, enough money to sustain the project has been coming in, though both Yeshua and I continue to work the inner yogas to expand that horizon even further.

    The Quest continues.

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