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    2 weeks, 6 days ago
    2019-8-28 –

    I awaken at the Temple of the Sacred Mirror, where Misty Odom (@mistyo) have committed to begin a 100-day cleansing.

    This is a huge thing. In the fields of the akasha, I sense the both it’s necessity and the coming results, a movement deeper into the embodiment of the prosperity, abundance and vitality that is our shared birthright.

    The form of the Mythica continues to emerge as the comic books, linking into the various aspects of the site, are *finally* coming online, along with the paywall and other bits.

    While all of these things are remarkable and magical, they fundamentally relate to my sense that ALL things pass through the lens of the self, and that by clearing that lens our manifestation occurs, like light passing through a unique and *cleansed* stained glass window.

    Before these moments, before the decades+ of trial on the Quest, I couldn’t fully drop into that. Yet, in this Now, it becomes ever-more apparent.

    On the frontier, I continue to invoke the Life-Force Academy trainings, going deeper into the kundalini. I feel the substance of the Wisdom Tree Academy coming through. Things are expansive. Challenging, yet Good.

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