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    1 month, 3 weeks ago
    ALThere’s something beautiful about the beginning of a year. Where a shared intention ripples through the substance of the Akasha. All across the field beings are making promises. Giving their Word to themselves that they will change.

    Like all aspects of our shared universe, this has an effect, bolstering our efforts to transform ourselves. And while many beings may not be able to fulfill their self-created vows, the potency remains, hanging in the air in subtle electricity. Creating an ambience of forward movement towards a brighter version of who we can be.

    For me, this year feels like one of tremendous expansion. Of rootedness and magic in all ways, where i’m able to breathe into my craft of writing, of spellcraft and the subtle arts more deeply than ever before. Where I sense the space to focus into my health and wholeness, free from the trials of living on the bare minimum of sustenance in service to the Quest. Where the hard work done by Yeshua and myself is paying off, blossoming into the fully functional temple of the Mythica and the grand service to the Divine that has been my life’s work.

    It is a year of spreading my wings, of rising in phoenix-fire from my long journey across the planes of the akasha. Where I get to embody even more deeply the fae and the free that sings within my soul, secure in the knowing that i’ve done the task, built the portal to the mystical World, and can now share the fruits of my labors with the people.

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