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When I experience my deepest inner self it feels as though I shine with the power and brilliance of a thousand suns.

When my inner self isn’t shadowed by my surface levels I can feel myself radiating the intensity of deep, true, pure Love.

I have experienced myself as the Love that is the most pure force of the Cosmos; enlivening those who seek it and burning those who turn away.


I am an Oracle, Empath, Artist, Storyteller, Shawoman, Medicine Women, Nomad, Relationship Guide, and High Priestess of Αφροδίτη (Aphrodite) Goddess of love, desire, and beauty.


In 2012 out of a desire to understand the answer to life, the universe, and everything I received a bachelors degree in World Religion. While in school I felt a calling to create a space where people could quiet their mind and develop a deep connection to themselves by the means of multi-religious spiritual practices. Later when studying bodywork I realized I could create this space and facilitate inner connection through bodywork. Since 2015 I have continued my practice of bodywork and honed my skills as an Empath, Crainosacral Therapist, Sacred Sound Singer, Energy Worker, Body Linguist, Spirit Guide Liaison, and Relationship Guide. Please contact me at (425) 268-6517 to book an Attunement.


I am committed to following God’s-Goddess’ will; staying in the alignment of the Cosmos. As part of my sacred journey on Summer Solstice of 2019 A.D. I was anointed as the High Priestess of Aphrodite. As such I perform sacred rituals; Aphrodite and Baubo (the Goddess of feminine healing) move through me to bring forth sexual and relational ritual, healing, and play.

Mid-May 2019 the sacred journey called me into the Sedona Desert and the life of nomadism. As I travel the spirit of the lands have begun to speak to me and seek energetic healing through me.

The sacred plants call out to me. When I connect they tell me their names and the core essences of who they are. The plant people have become allies and teachers. I share their lessons and Magick.

The journey is the purifying fire that clears away the surface levels of myself so I can be the authentic, brilliantly shining light of the Goddess that I am.


My life’s work is learning how to be myself – Love.


My prayer is for God – Love – Goddess to be revealed through me.

Thank you