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Yeshua Lucis

Author, Explorer & Yogi of Into the Mythica

I share my story here as an explorer of the magical world, wielding the Akasha Yoga to embody my sacred path of synchronicity to the new paradigm. I am a sacred witness to the Great Story of our shared Awakening, documenting the underlying synchronicity and journaling the arts of my manifestation.


Word Weaving
Music Spells
Akashic Sense
Cultivate Arts of the Earth Temple
Mythic Witnessing


Storytelling Presentation

A magical session that opens a window to wonder to Yeshua’s journey through the Mythica

Music Performance

Receive the angelic emenation’s of Yeshua’s original music

Mythic Mirroring

Reflecting your myth to reveal the Akashic patterns that make up your heroic journey.

We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.

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