• The internet is a powerful tool, allowing us to open a portal from the screen before us, a pallete of liquid light that casts the radiance of its unique embodiment within the vastness of the web. It allows us to […]

  • Gaia provides an online new paradigm video broadcast akin to Netflix, focusing on conscious media, yoga and spiritual education.

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  • Resting near the heart of the Sangre De Cristos mountains is situated a special town, a nexus of temples and eco-communities brought together by a common thread, to anchor a New World of unity and […]

  • Yeshua Lucis wrote a new post, Earth Nation, on the site Into the Mythica 1 week ago

    “An International Alliance of organizations that are developing and propagating solutions for every major challenge we face as the human race.”

    The Earth Nation is an decentralized autonomous organization cre […]

  • We open up to feel the graceGuided by our trust and faithSticking to the path we knewWe’d be shown the way on through.Lo and behold as we go as we mayknowing that we cannot strayguided by a loving lighta path t […]

  • Makers of change, we show the waythrough roads of rays and atlas cloudsIn night and day, we know we mayFind our way and never strayLovers of life, Agents of Avalonhumble servants to the Questwho realize and […]

  • The Deva, the spirit of the sacred Land. She is always alive, breathing with the subtle life force that flows through all things. In our journey deeper into the Mythica, we cultivate awareness of this through […]

  • Over the rainbow, across the realmsThe thrumming of golden threads we tellA tale of passage between the worldsA web of energy within we whirlClearing through we reveal the gemThat precious gift that lay […]

  • Returning from Faerie worlds, @peterfae and I take refuge in the Wyndenwood, continuing to develop the Mythica for the commonwealth – the good of all. The Seed Within blossoms, after arduous application of the Yoga of Story, weaving and wielding the Golden Thread of my sacred narrative into chapter 1, which I am about to publish for our upcoming channel, Follow the Quest.

  • This song was inspired by my time at LivingWell, as I camped in the heart of Faerie, clearing through the Shadow of Doubt to allow the expression of my soul seed to come through.

    To walk the ways of Grace, we […]

  • Last day at the Magician’s Oasis – 2018-4-9

    Peter Fae and I are preparing to leave the Oasis for the summerlands of San Diego by invitation of Savannah Blaire to the Gaia temple. Soon our taxi will arrive to bring us to the bus station, and there is a closing of the space. It has been such a crucible of healing, applying the deep yogas of change – forgiving the self, the community, the whole creation, and coming back to Love… Everyday doing the practices, clearing the patterns to travel to brighter realms of manifestation; the way opens! Abundance coming through as the gates open, and the money is availing to us in perfect timing, in accordance. If there is anything I’ve learned here, God is the Doer.

    Even as I write this, Little Star sings “Be open, be open to journey wide.” I witness the true heroic journey, “We will walk the Awakening,” she sings as I write that line. “Love through all will Light the way.” These lines are in the perfection of the unfoldment, it is the Truth. Such is the pathways of bright that we are carving into these presentations of the Mythica, that we are all connected, awakening to deeper unfoldment of synchronicity and kismet.

    It is a beautiful thing, that the way is made for us to continue the Quest, leading us deeper into the realms of the Divine Feminine and into the world at large; manifestations of the life-visioning that we both share in service to bringing forth this redemptive media.

    The Quest Continues.

  • A crucible of constant process marks the movement across the realms, as the divination is clear: Focus. I witness both @Peterfae and I shift into the next level of our dedication to the inner clearing, so that we may both step deeper into the brightlands. It is a challenging position to be in, not knowing where we will go or when, or where or when the resources will come to assist us our mission; yet, I find myself constantly shifting my vibration, clearing through the deva yoga, forgiveness and self-love, and applying the manifestation techniques to align with the abundance.

    It is an intense discipline, to conjure the feeling tones of abundance and positivity, while having been in an ongoing disappointment of manifestation. Desiring love and intimacy, only to not receive it, and realizing that I must give that which I desire to my Self; desiring resonance and recognition from the community, only to blocked, of which I gave appreciation to my Self. Yet, this is all in efforts to clear whatever the pattern that is getting in the way, and transform the causal vibrations with intent for then the external manifestation to change for the better.

    It has been a continuance of my pathway through the desert; of being tempered and demanded of patience and tolerance, through the tending of the inner and outer fires. Loneliness and depression have held within the soma of my Self, and I deepen my disciplines even further to process through these patterns. I’ve developed coping mechanisms, such as overeating and oversleeping, along with just being reclusive because I have felt so locked out from the Love and support that I have desired.

    Yet, inside the continued intensity of inner alchemy and discipline, I feel things shifting; I am releasing habits and embracing more of the deva, breathing more and fasting. My full attention becoming devoted to the task of transforming this, and to my life-purpose. I stay open to any impressions of what work to do to help bring forth my aspect of the Mythica, or to garner resources, and as that comes in I do that.

    Now, I do not know what to do. I have cleared, meditated, done all the practices, a divination, exercised, still I have not a clear read on what to do. As I reflect on this, an inspiration comes; I will do the Life-Visioning…

  • I awaken to the chirping of birds at early dawn. I witness how blessed I am to be in the position that I am, here at the Magician’s Oasis – having come through a deep initiation into the arts of myth, following a […]

  • The Magician’s Oasis – 2018-4-1

    It is the day of resurrection, the moonlight shines above the palms of the Oasis. Our time is soon passed here, feeling the shifting in the tides of the realms of the Akasha. Integrations come forth in the understanding of the Deva Yoga and the Akasha Yoga, as we are clearing our way through the patterns within our Self, which is reflected as the very substance of the realms that we exist in, we travel to new realities, literally.

    It is quite a witnessing, here in the realms of shivic fire, ablaze with the awareness that passes through the vessel that appears as @peterfae ; there is opening, there is realization, and there is healing. In the crucible of our relationship, there is mutual growth and balancing as we each step into the next octave of our Soul’s potential.

  • The pulse becomes more constant, anchoring a beacon of redemption – bubbling to the surface as these entries. The tone is singing more clearly, a realmsign of the movement deeper into the realms of embodiment and illumination.

  • It is a beautiful thing, to step deeper into the revelation – into the Magick. As I come to deeper love for my Self through the deep yogas I have consistently applied here at the Magician’s Oasis, there is a […]

  • Excerpt from the Magician’s Oasis – 2018-3-29

    “Suddenly the teaching of the Deva Yoga came through me, as I felt the Earth aspect move through me strongly.

    “Yoga is Union. Union with the True Self. Self is Soul is God is Nature, by coming to oneness with the creation we practice the Deva Yoga, for we recognize that there is no separation.”

    In the expanse of the opening I walk to the back of the courtyard at the Magician’s Oasis where I align with Peter. He shares the resonance and shows me the shifts in the presentation of the Mythica that were coming through him. I could feel her signing, this is the proper alignment, us as Yogis giving the gift of the ministry of the Mythica as a church of Light.

    It wasn’t fully clear before, and it proves that by doing the Deva Yoga and aligning with the Seed Within us, that the proper way is made for our expression to come out into the world and for us to receive the true abundance that is our birthright.

    Again, we feel the golden tone singing, that of the angelic of being in right purposing in alignment with the will of the higher Self, of God.

    Upon writing this, Ivanne gifts us $300 as a donation, proof that our alignment with delivering the gift of the Mythica and the Deva Yoga is reciprocated, that we are taking the right approach.”

  • The blessings continue of the fellowship of redemption here at the Magician’s Oasis, having been granted sanctuary for two months now. Our time nears an end here, as we continue the work of launching the […]

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