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  • Yeshua Lucis 6 days, 15 hours ago

    Coming back to the Akashic Temple, I cast the spell of the Mythica as an anchor, weaving and wielding the light of my emenation with the tones of witnessing and appreciation, clearing the patterns within myself.

    I don’t always know what’s going to happen, nor do I always trust. I felt agitation arise, over wanting to be in control of my life. Yet, I had to surrender, to recognize with the reminder of Peter, that we live in a freindly universe. That by giving it up and trusting, we align the divine flow of life.

    I face it, in the sun. Where will I go? Anxiety flashing across my chest. How will I make the money, a sense of tension in my gut. I breath and affirm faith, detaching from the merry go round of subconscious patterns, reminding myself of all the divine confluences, expansions and supportive signs of abundance. It clears, opening me to the humility that I was truly spinning in the negative spirits of an old wound, one that we all know too well. That it is human. We all must do the practices, for such is the Age and the Devotion, of how we come back to Spirit and align with the Sacred Land.

    I am not beyond it, nor am I bound by it. As I learn the ways of letting go, of trusting, and recognizing the perfection of the divine working through the events of my life. Such are the Akashic techniques we can use to transform our consciousness. By ‘letting go and let God’, we release the hold of the agitation, surrendering our attachment to our sense of suffering, and embrace the sense of a loving divinity, we can transcend patterns of limitation and align with the Divine Flow of Life. Through this, healing energy may flow, mana through the Aina, through the newly cleared channels of dis-ease, into ease and Grace.

    This I’ve had to do many times along the Quest, and is a sadhana unto itself.

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