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    1 week, 6 days ago

    It was a powerful journey, now back in the heart of Hana, I draw upon the mana of this sacred Land, replenishing myself for the magic to come. Its a precious reflection, of seeing how my journey tested me at the Temple of Truth, that led me to the Temple of Peace, where I had to find acceptance in the ripples of standing in that Truth, to the coasts of Paia by passage of Lady Joyana in the JoyQi-mobile, where other characters of the Awakening arrived in perfect timing. How I could balance these forces of Love, Peace and Truth was a deep question, and now, after having trust in the unfoldment, I feel the alchemy coming to greater clarity in me… as our time here at Hana Mana comes to a close, its beautiful to reconnect with @peterfae before he heads to Austin to see @mistyo , that the work we’ve done over all this time together comes to a great cohesion, and we each prepare to step out into the next log of the journey on the rainbow road.