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    1 week, 5 days ago

    Invocations of Empowerment, Exploration & Remembrance

    I am an ambassador of the Light. I release what no longer serves me. I step into my Destiny, through the heart of my Mystery. Fully embracing all that I am, for I am powerful, and I am worthy. I came here to anchor Heaven on Earth. I am the Star of the Most High Divine Play of Life. I am in service to the Awakening. My life a precious gift. I invoke the True Love Divine Reflection of my perfect Counterpart. Dancing the play of this dream awake, a mystical adventurer of the cosmos and the sacred Earth, between the seams of this living diorama of human existence. For we are so much more than meets the eyes on the surface, a depths to dive and divine this sweet Creation. Open me to all I am meant to Be, and explore. For I know who I am, and why I came here, yet have so much more to learn. I bow before you altar of Creation, give my sweetness of devotion, and tune to the Source of all Life.

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