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    1 week, 3 days ago

    The boy who believed. My heart’s desire was always to share my story. To live a magical life, and to follow my dreams. So this is what led me here, to witnessing my life in such a way. To the realms of a more heavenly world, where my heart opens once again, and divine connections reveal like gossamer threads.

    I’ve spoken on it before. It feels different this time, as the breath of Aloha comes through me on this sacred Land. The god and goddess tapestry hangs behind me, as I feel the realms of holy Union approach, of divine connection and healing, of all I’ve been sharing with Tefnut. It’s beautiful. I’m transforming. I’ve been invoking my highest self, and magical things have been aligning.

    Not without the trials. But the shadows of the old paradigm being faced, of the disharmonies and old wounds of not being seen for who I truly am. As I cleared my portion, they absolved from my field, opening me to realms of expansion and grace, of new connections and portals to new ways of being.

    Peter is about to move forward to Austin, Texas, to see Misty, and our long track across the roads of rainbow come to a close. We bow and honor the gift we’ve received from each other. I, the clarity of the Akasha, of witnessing my sacred story, and him, of the ritual and devotion that I embody. It’s wonderful. I feel open. Ready for a new dawn and all the limitlessness that is possible in a real magical world.

    The Quest continues….