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    1 week, 3 days ago

    Only now am I coming to a sense of unconditional love deepening within, a sense of a place of peace that I can come back to despite the conditions that are goin on. Its been a journey of coming here, now, where the very nature of being human at this time has being turning the coal to diamond, of which every circumstance is “grist for the mill”, inspiring, or even demanding us, to the nature of the spiritual process. Of trusting, surrendering, and coming to faith in the original cause, that of the Source of all Life.

    Its interesting, for it is something beyond the control of our little “I”, our individual will, a force of creation much vaster than the contrivances of change we attempt to hold onto in the material world, but actually is the Source of all Change, and the Changeless. From this vantage, everything that occurs in our life is an impermanent manifestation of a permanent Source, where the casting of light that occur as our circumstance stem from one candleflame, that never dies, even though the shadows on the wall change over time.

    From this position, everything *feels* a certain way, viscerally, where I feel the breath of life, the spirit of Aloha, pouring through my vessel into this expression. Its a magical thing, really, for all creativity is an act of magic. This is something I’ve been deeply learning and investigating on the journey across the rainbow road with Peter Fae, that of how our inner is a reflection of the outer landscape, and how by deepening our away of the Source of things in our life, our relationship with the Creation changes on a fundamental level. Its entirely Self relative, its a focus on the causal nature of manifestation, of all realms of potential reality and beingness, its quite large, I’m discovering, this ocean of Akasha, of the All That Is, and can be.

    So, as I’ve been deepening into the kriyas, into the yogas of vitality and harnessing my creative sexual energy here at Hana Mana, there is a sense of cohesion, of all the aspects of my being coming to a clear grounding and wholeness over time. This has paralleled my access to ideas and ability to manifest certain parts of my experience, along with a clarity over time on the nature of healing itself. It has turned into a reflection on the nature of experience, itself, of the “when” of access. Much like a portal, until your awareness becomes aware of it, you can’t jump through it. But that happens at a particular moment in time, and a specific position in space, at a particular depth of beingness. Until that portal of access in our awareness, we can’t make a choice to go through that portal, because we can’t see where it is or how to get through it.

    This is important. A major clarity on the nature of magic and manifestation. A grounding look at the process of self-alchemy and our bright journey to create Heaven on Earth.