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    2 weeks, 6 days ago
    Having faced the shadows of abundance and security, I’m experiencing major expansions in how to present my offerings. Over time, there has been a general sense of cohesion being the factor by which everything comes together, of the gradual clearing of the clouds from my Lens of Perception to be able to more consistently witness the perfection of the unfoldment and gain access to the inspirations and wholeness.

    This movement of awakening my consciousness and healing the patterns within has revealed itself as my own progression to the redemptive realms of a more heavenly earth. It has revealed, through the lessons and guidance of the divine reflections of experience, that everything happens with purpose, and is the gradual blossom of creation from the seed of the self.

    To witness this in action is an art of perception and reception. Now, in the clarity forged from the constant breath of devotion and reassertion of vibrational adjustment, I can access more of the Way.

    Returning from Lokahi

    I have just returned to the room in Haiku from my journey to Lokahi, the Village of Unity. I discover that I have less time here to settle in than I thought, as the partner of my friend is returning and they want privacy. This leaves me with a day to find a new place for the next 4-7 days, before the potential to return and rent the room or trade for work. It was the negotiation between a friend just letting me use the room out of the kindness of their heart, and the shift into the realms of value and fairness, to the arrangement of renting or trade. I could feel the tones of value playing out beneath the surface, in the Underlands, where the desire to be in receipt of the abundance for my true value and life’s work fired up.

    It was fine, we negotiated into a place that felt clear for us both. My friend was kind in his desire to strike a balance and meet me halfway. Honestly, I want him to have his space with his beloved, and this is just part of the Divine acting through us.

    Yet, even knowing this, the unexpectedness of the shift in sanctuary affected me. I could feel the old wound of security arising, an unsteadiness at the base of my spine and into my stomach. I didn’t like it. Not knowing where I am going, having felt that I could just settle in here with a bit more time to secure a new place. My thoughts start moving around from place to place, from who I could contact and where I could go. I could feel my feeling of instability and insecurity, and it was deeply uncomfortable. So I would stop, breathing into it, relaxing back into the trust of the unfoldment, that I am supported and everything is working out perfectly. This gradually helped to soothe the agitation and bring me back to a place of more easement.

    Sometimes we simply just don’t know what’s going to happen, and we have to trust. This is a perfect example of this. In the time of writing this, I still don’t know exactly where I am going to go. I sent out a couple messages to people I know in the area, a few requests on couch surfing, and thought of where I could possibly camp. I do know that I am heading out of this space tomorrow. While I was talking with my friend, I heard a voice in my mind saying “Go. Don’t Stay.”

    Right now, I feel a sense of assurance. Of faith. So many times before have I been in a similar place in the realms between, where the change winds are blowing, and I have been brought to exactly where I am meant to be, and have been provided for by the Divine. Now must not be any exception. Its not easy. To face the question of where I will be, where I will live and carry out my work. But I have to have trust and faith in the path.

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