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    1 week, 4 days ago
    Update from the Quest – in “Austin”, the City of Music, Story & Success

    “Perceive to Receive.” is what Peter Fae said to me today, as I experienced the locus of my focus shifting to SEE the grace, the abundance manifesting. Witnessing my inconstancy from the drifting boat upon the seas of consciousness through the fogs of forget, clearing to the sunlight breaking through again, whispering the same reminder…. “REMEMBER…”

    “We must give to receive.” he spoke as I ran into him on the 30 bus line, unplanned this morning. I felt the brother across the field, as he smiled at me from across the bus, a resonant tone… an inspiration dawned, that I should share with him what we are doing so he too may receive the gift of the Mythica.

    What unfolded was beautiful, as we met in fellowship, and saw our alignment, in which he was open to receive the Akasha Yoga, and again intersected at the library so I could bring him to Peter to see the Storybooks.

    AT this time I am able to get the ointment for the poison ivy rash, which the idea wasn’t clear to me before, and the money came in from the Patreon supporters, as a sense of relief comes through the medicines arriving in right time. at the same time, it has caused me to go deeper into the healing and the clearing of the imbalance of fire energy, bringing me to the dragonspring last night to cover myself in the clay and invoke the deva of the water.

    This morning, I packed up all my things and my camp, discovering I had placed my tent on a patch of live poison ivy. There was a sense of even the providence of this, how it was spurring me to the next layer of clearing, while pushing me onward to a new location to encounter new synchronicities. I used this, along with the reminders given by Misty, as a lever to have reverence towards the Deva of the Ivy, to have surrender and regard this as all part of the medicine journey. This brought easement, and a sense of alignment in my energy, in contrast to the rage requiring surrender, and the anger bursting to the surface through this all, where the ancient wound of frustration towards the Divine came forward, to bring me to the highest echelons of Forgiveness and Acceptance. After this, I had the idea to follow the path to a new stop at the end of the trail as described by Peter the day prior, to catch the bus, where we all intersected.

    Now, at the library, I prime the energies of inspiration to work on my story and timeline, to show an overview of the proof of the magical journey to the realms of the new paradigm across the mystic landscape of the akasha… where the practice of the yoga of Story deepens to form, in the flow of alignment with that which wishes to come through. This is what I’ve been navigating towards all this time, towards that of the Seed Within and its respective blossom to the heart’s desire, to be a vessel for Thy Will Be Done.

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