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    2 weeks, 6 days ago
    As I organize the casting of the content from the Temple of Story, there is a simplicity coming to the form of the social media, in which the lifestyle of the magical world and the value provided is that of the illumination of the Telling, of the story we live in the golden thread of our own Awakening… whereby the journey of my own self’s devlopment, my character in the Great Story, parallels the Divine Timing of us all arraigning in synchronicity to serve the providence of Creation.
    I can’t say I don’t get impatient. I do. But I always come back to the surrender. @peterfae reminded me of the acceptance. We are all part of the collective consciousness unveiling itself, so all events in the mortal condition are in alignment with the Ultimate Government: God’s Will, which transcends all human constructs of contrivance and control over What Is.

    So, work and the like, the access to the ideas, the clarity, the healing, the synchronicity, all parallel this process, as an alchemy taking place through all the many fractal facets of our selves. The *when* of all of You , who are aspects of the Self, are in par with this unfoldment. AS to which “Yeshua”, my avatar, only has so much access, divinely ordained by the Most High to fulfill a particular function in the Grand Alchemy of our Ascension, as to which the Mythica was created to aid the viewing of our Stories and the revelation of our collective mythos.

    So the day to day things that i do, like comign back to the Adobe and other things of organization for the easeful creation of content and mass marketing, all are in alignment with a larger movement. yet the “When” of when people show up is up to God, and I have my part in the play…

    yet, the golden thread remains,
    as I learn to see beneath the seems,
    to the true reality,
    to the wonder waking dreams,
    I see the you in I and Me.

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