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Being & Becoming

At the core of our experience lay two simultaneous states. That of being and that of becoming.

In the context of the mortal plane we are always being something in the process of becoming something else. Whether we see this as the progression within a single lifetime or in the more expanded context of a succession of lifetimes is simply a matter of scale, yet the fundamental idea is always the same. We are always in the process of being and becoming along our quest.

As we move through the process of being and becoming we move through karmic impressions and face karmic repetition.

preview image of transformation of the self

In many spiritual circles there is the idea that we are everything, that we are Divinity itself being human. Yet while this is true and we contain all aspects of the Creation within us, we are not being all those things at once. In this sacred understanding lay the core of what it means to be human, to be playing our character and experiencing their progression along the timeline of our story.

In this context, we are always the caterpillar becoming the butterfly, repeating the cycle of transformation over and over as part of the elements of Life herself. This is represented in our story of adventure, which is a movement through the archetypical realms of experience known as aka.