Layers of Consciousness

On the Journey of Awakening, we must look at something challenging to perceive, yet intrinsic to the Quest itself. That we only have so much awareness at any given moment. This determines our level of access to the assets of consciousness, and is defined by our subconscious patterns.

Layers of the Mind

We relate to this from our current level of awareness, what we are “conscious” of. Yet consider, that what informs our reality is much deeper, beneath the surface. To navigate the depths is what the framework of the Physics of the Quest is here to help you do.

As we come to understand this, recognizing that our mind has many layers, we see that what we experience is a combination of all of those layers working together, that what we see as our self is a sculpture of many levels of consciousness ranging from the conscious to the subconscious, from the subconscious to the unconscious and from there to the collective consciousness which is our shared human experience. Past this point our very sense of self-identity begins to dissolve and we experience the transcendent states associated with the mystical and yogic experience of life.