Substance of the self

As extensions of Spirit through form on the Tree of Life, we are literally made of the substance of Gaia, of the land upon which we exist.  From the same substance as the rocks, the plants, the trees, the ocean and more.  In context, we are literally made of the elements, which is to say we are made of the deva, the elemental intelligences of Gaia herself.

It is these qualities which, in various combinations, form the basis of our self-definition and the varying divinations we have into our current shape. On a structural level, our mortal forms are made of subtle qualities, elemental essences which occur in various combinations of quality and quantity and make up the entirety of both our human experience and the Creation at large. 

Let’s look at this more clearly, for in the understanding of our form we gain a glimpse into the substance of our story and our sacred path.

On a fundamental level, everything in the Creation is made of prime elements, specifically that of Earth, Air, Water, Fire and Ether.

This means that your form and everything about it, including personality and it’s current crop of beliefs, is actually made of the elements.

This is deeply seen in the association between various elemental qualities and the various forms of divination into the substance of the self.  Such is the palette from which the idea of ‘astrology’, of one’s ‘doshas’ and other cultural interpretations arise. When we refer to our self as a ‘Libra’, or a ‘Scorpio’, as being a ‘Fire Dragon’, or ‘Mermaid’ or some other self-declaration, we are always referencing the elemental qualities which form the substance of our current Character. All aspects of our experience are made of the primal qualities of Earth, Air, Water, Fire, and Akasha. This includes the various psychoemotional states which define our human adventure. When we say ‘Qualities’ of consciousness, we are discussing the elemental, vibrational textures within the mortal experience that correspond to our psychoemotional states, which then give rise to the meaning and progression we take from our experience, much like the fundamental tones of music make up chords, which then together into a melody stretching over a canvas of Time.

Selves deal with karmic impressions