2019-3-8 – Of Magazines and Majesty

In From the Quest - Peter Fae by Peter Fae

An AMAZING occurrence.  I have been continuing the application of the Joe Dispenza ‘Water’ meditation, recognizing Dispenza as an aspect of my own self and the carrier of a particular light code necessary for the success of the Mythica.

It is a beautiful thing as such embodies the clarification on the Manifestation techniques to match the Witnessing techniques, in which, as I asked, a “clear sign that the Universal Mind heard me” (a reflection from the application of the DIspenza techniques) arrived “in a form that was perfect for me” , in this case an impromptu zoom meeting with the current head of Magcast publishing out-of-the-blue.

To put this in context, back in 2014 I  had discovered the Magcast platform.  A way of creating digital publications that could be sold in iTunes.  Sensing the vibrational texture of it in the substance of the akasha with my powers, I could feel how it would serve the Mythica’s agenda of assisting the Awakening of the planet.

At that moment, Magcast had a deal where I got a lifetime subscription for a few thousand dollars (which I had in abundance at the time).  Later, they offered another deal for a second digital magazine, also for a lifetime, and I jumped on that, locking in my ability within their network to create a pair of magazines which I knew would eventually be a part of the Mythica ecosystem of conscious media.

Standing in front of the temple

While this was a wonderful thing, as the Quest continued I had to put it on the back-burner as Yeshua and I went through the trials of the heroic journey.  Yet despite this, I kept the idea in the back of my mind, awaiting the moment when it would all come together.

Cut to  this morning, where I did the DIspenza techniques to open up parts of my golden thread within the context of the Akasha Yoga, and was inspired to check in with Magcast to see where they were currently at.

As it stood, the company had some changes during my absence, and was purchased by their current CEO who, catching wind of my email inquiry, invited me to a Zoom chat, where we went in-depth into the new and fabulous aspects of the platform, detailing the many changes he and his team had made.

It was a beautiful conversation, in which we engaged in the real value that underlay all interactions, business or otherwise – fellowship.  Here, I felt the vibration of a good man, devoted to the service of the people, fighting the Good Fight of service to help the people get their message out into the World.  Together, we went into the depths of publishing in the modern Age, where he kindly showed me the evolutions his effort had made to the platform.

Such is the nature of the magic.  The very proof of what i’d asked for, coming to me in the form that was most appropriate to my personal Path, relative to the gravity of my own timeline through the akasha and the proof of a Friendly Universe.  As Dispenza had suggested in his invocations, such was the evidence of my communication with that Universal Mind, reminding me again that we are supported, that the ideas we are granted to help the people are backed by a Divine providence, and that we are all connected, part of a grand synchrony of events marking the blossoming of a New World.

an example of some Magcast publications

A little bit at the end – While my adventure journals document the Quest and are not technically a plug, when something appears in the field and is made of the vibrations of nobility, it’s my pleasure to share.  For those of my Readers interested in a new way of distributing your content in a virtuous space, check out Magcast

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