There is a golden thread to Your Story.  A mystical tale waiting to emerge, where You get to be the highest version of your current self.

I feel You.  And I can help.

For fifteen years I have documented the journey to that wholeness, clearing the consciousness of my self and for hundreds of others so that we may all blossom into who we really are.

Such is the healing, that as we bring light to our circumstance it may transform.  Together, we may clear the patterns within your consciousness that create your conditions, so that who you really are may come out.

 Together, we can discover the Gift within You that wishes to be free.  As we walk together, we will clear the patterns, opening up the way for You to see yourself more clearly and experience the Abundance that is our shared birthright.


As Within, so Without.  Our life circumstances mirror the energies that lay within our body, giving rise to the thoughts, beliefs and circumstances of our lives.

In this healing session, we will focus the light of awareness into the circumstances of your Life, helping to bring easement and opening to the field. Through awareness of these patterns and the proper relationship to them, we may dissolve the issues within our experience at the root, allowing us more freedom, more Grace, and more Abundance.

Below you will find my offerings and testimonials to my service, may they be of aid to you on your sacred path.