with Yeshua Lucis

Consultations, Guidance & Healing

Akashic Readings. Story Mirroring.
Energy Healing.

On this journey of Awakening, you seek clarity and healing, tracing your timeline on the way to Unity.

I understand, and I can help. Sometimes, we need a sacred mirror and ally in the realm.

Yeshua Lucis - Author for Into the Mythica

As a Yogi and Seer with years of experience in the sacred arts of energy healing and divination, I have learned powerful skills and unlocked talents that can help you see your story, mirroring the elements, archetypes and underlying synchronicities of your life path in a dynamic framework of personal development, supported by the educational platform of Into the Mythica.

Part of my gifts is that I am psychically and empathically sensitive to underlying energies in the Akasha, able to use divination and healing to support one's work with the energy field, karmic patterns and clearing through relationship with Nature and spiritual healing practices.

Through Akasha Yoga, I have learned to read the golden thread that underlay our circumstance, discovering how our heroic journey is an elemental one of self-discovery and healing.

By understanding this akashic record, we can read and clear the subtle energetic patterns that appear on our path, coming to a deeper understanding as to who we are and why we're here.

Part of this work is the grand alchemy of Story. Of coming to see our melody of synchronicity and realizing how the divine is manifesting through the legend of our life.

Our tale takes on a new light. We take up the pen of our embodied myth to tell the legend of our journey back to Source. 

We move toward right relationship with ourself, each other and Nature, healing our patterns to blossom our divine purpose. We come to look at our path across the Akasha, a unified field of energies, elements and archetypes, into the real magical world of our shifting consciousness, to reveal the deeper purpose to our life.

Work One on One with Me

In a personal consultation over the phone or video chat, I will help you see your life as an adventure of Awakening, tracking the underlying threads of synchronicity to see how it all connects.

We open sacred space to unfold the healing and guidance relative to your unique path. Tapping into a shared psychic space, I help you become aware of the underlying vibrational nature of your circumstance, tracking that to patterns in the body-mind, coaching in clarity and healing over how to understand their relationship to your path, how they connect to your story, and how to clear what no longer serves you. This is an intuitive divination and akashic clearing based on mirroring your myth and assisting your conscious evolution.

This is based in the understanding that there is no separation, and that everything that arrives in our path is part of our responsibility to work with in our healing and journey back to Oneness.


More About Yeshua Lucis

Years ago I answered the call to adventure, leaving the mainstream culture to discover a whole other world of emergent consciousness, eco-villages, transformational festivals, and sacred lands, devoting myself to deepening my relationship with the sacred, aligning with my life purpose, and becoming the change I wish to see.

Starting in 2014, I began to study the mystic and yogic arts, elemental ritual and divination, meditation and inner alchemy, ways of clearing and understanding the underlying elements and energies in our experience and how they affect our manifestation. In my journey, I’ve been very dedicated to spiritual practice, the results of which you can see in my story. Healing, revelation, and deepening connection to the web of life.

I trained as an Akasha Yogi with Peter Fae, tracking my timeline as a living story starting in 2016, and learned about the common thread between all forms of healing and divination, awareness of and relationship with the prime elements of nature.

As a psychic empath, I am aware of another’s energies, the shared field of awareness, and the subtle shifts in consciousness. I offer clarity and healing, deeper insight and transformation to one's sacred path of Awakening.