1 on 1

With Yeshua Lucis

Consultations, Guidance & Healing

Mythic Mirroring. Akashic Readings. Vibrational Healing.

I am a mirror for divine healing and clarity in service to Awakening Consciousness.

My gifts allow me to see into the heart of the themes of your story, to reflect patterns to light, and guide awareness to clearings and edges of evolution.

I help you come to Union with your True Self.

About Me

As a Channel of Light, Yogi and Visionary, I am experienced in the sacred arts. I have powerful skills and talents that can help, such as claircognizance and empathic awareness of your energy body and field, and my training in ritual, yoga, nature immersion, divination and vibrational healing. I use this only for the highest good to support evolution and healing.

Mirroring your Myth

There is a grand story to our lives. A golden thread that underlay our circumstances. These sessions of sacred space help open your awareness to patterns of destiny, to the energy and archetype that track your sacred path of synchronicity and Awakening.


How does the Healing work?

There is no separation. Through the conduit of awareness, things naturally arise to the light during our session. Its an opportunity for clearing karma, where we track the somatic patterns of energy to the body and use awareness, breath and techniques such as forgiveness to clear them.

How does the Divination work?

Our life is a living tarot spread. Everything that arrives on our path has a purpose, and this style of divination is an investigation into the very meaning of your life itself. Its not about one particular form, but rather seeing that we live in the halo of our own manifest Light upon the Creation.

Work One on One with Me

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